Normative ethics Essay

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Normative ethics

1. Identify the facts that might give rise to ethical issues 2. Stakeholders that you would talk to in the task – you are the chief ethics officer (CEO) – describe company that you’re working in – IT related. As a CEO, come out with guidelines about the ethical use according to the scenario 3. any laws (maltese laws), if the scenario is not covered in laws (use laws of an EU country or any country) 4.

identify the ethical issues – conflict between what it is that you’re supposed to be doing and what the law provides – if there is no law, that doesn’t mean that it is in favour of the law Everything up till now should be OBJECTIVE – nobody should assign any moral values to these issues. This isn’t an assignment about how you feel (not your opinion) – wasting words. Draft guidelines about ethical issues – focus on important guidelines 5. Define ethical theory – ethical egoism, virtue ethics u emm ohra (do not use!! ) – an umbrella theory – many subdivisions or else choose between two main theories.

Use your own words to describe the ethical theory 6. Start the analysis. Explain what sort of priority. Why is it an ethical issue. What the outcome should be and why that outcome (longest section) 7. Point 7 and 8. If you were doing these in the real world…adjust the rules after some time…. define consequences 8. How you will implement feedback loop Stick to steps given. Break essay into these sections. Scenario 1 – read google agreements – provide URL of terms and conditions privacy policy – privacy and information lecture – ethical issue – EU has a position on it.

Scenario 2 – game AI – your company has legal right to acquire that data – come up with guidelines for collection of samples – no. of companies providing information Scenario 3 – google glass – ex: when it is ethical when the glasses should be removed? when they sould be used? how? Come up with company – doesn’t have to be IT related comply with laws guidelines for ethical issues facts: how many companies in malta use google cloud, where google stores its data? as long as the subject cannot be identified, it is ethical consequentialism.

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