Normalization Diagram Essay

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Normalization Diagram

Does the diagram meet all three levels of normalization? Explain your answer. Normalization is a process for evaluating and correcting table structures to minimize data redundancies and by helping to eliminate data anomalies. It helps evaluate table structures and produce good tables. Normalization is a very important database design that you should not assume that the highest level of normalization is always the most desirable. The higher the normal form is the more joins are required to produce a specified output and the more slowly the database system responds to end-user demands. A successful design must also consider end-user demand for fast performance you will occasionally be expected to de-normalize some portions of a database design in order to meet performance requirements. De-normalization produces a lower normal form. Normalization process you and will need to examine a business application. In this case you need to explore the simplified database activities of a company that manages several building projects each project has its own project number, names of employees assigned to it and so on. Each employee has an employee number, name and job classification such as engineer or computer technician.

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