Normal Super Hero Essay

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Normal Super Hero

Even though it is hard to believe, there are so many unsung heroes in the world today. A wonderful example of this topic is my aunt, Lee An. My Aunt Lee goes above and beyond what a normal person does. What she does that is so wonderful is she takes in animals that she sees around her neighborhood. In addition to taking in animals all the time, my aunt is always volunteering at the local community animal organizations. This might seem like something very common, and an everyday event for some people. This might be true, but she does not think so. She always proud of her job.

Once I asked her “ Auntie, why you chose to become a vet at the very first time? ” a light smile shows up on her face like a warm summer morning, that is the face every time when she talks about animals. She said ” when I was a kid, I just knew that I would love to take care of people, so I thought I could be a good vet. ” “But when I grown up, I find the main reason is the animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. “ What an impressive answer that I still remember today, I believe that is the reason make my aunt stands out in a crowd. Her big bright smile and sparkly eyes are always so radiant.

She stands a very short five feet tall, but that do not make her looks shorter than others, otherwise she has a lofty image in my heart, because a loving heart, kindness, generosity, and compassion make my aunt Lee a normal super hero. When thinking of the words ‘normal super hero’, it seems has contradiction which might make people think how does a super hero be normal? My answer is normal super hero is the one envision someone who commits every single minute of the day to volunteering or helping people. My aunt is somewhat like that, she adds super value too lives everyday, but she actually has an extremely normal life.

My aunt Lee graduated from Huaxi Medical College in 1979 in China. She is currently a neonatal nurse at Huaxi hospital, Sichuan. She loves to help people in any way, so the job of being a nurse fits her personality well. In addition to having a full time job, Lee is a loving mother of my cousin Di and a wife. At the moment, she is housing six dogs, four cats, and two rabbits. That count does not include animals that she takes in and gives to other family members or friends. I honestly believe the reason she takes in so many is because it is an obsession. It started off with one and now it is a growing number.

In my opinion, my aunt missed her calling to be a veterinarian. No matter where she goes, if she sees an animal she has to stop and play with it. She usually come over my home twice a week in order to play with my puppy Jiangjiang, apparently, I can feel the way she treat my puppy is like treating her own little baby. She gently strokes my puppy, can not helping giving her hug and kiss, feed her with such a great patience, she even can chat with my puppy for more than half an hour, ”Sweetie Jiangjiang, look at you! You’ve gained weight again, how much food did you hide? Lol.

She is such a wonderful person and missing comma when she sees animals on the side of the road or even in her own neighborhood she will take them in and either keep them for a while and give them to someone else to care for, or she will just keep them. Her house is like a zoo; there are animals all over the place. When you walk in her house, it smelled so ‘multi-animal’. To sit down on a couch or even a chair is not a small task; your clothes will ‘collect’ different animal hair and fur, toys and fights mixed with funny sounds, no doubt she deserves to be called super hero.

I was curious how she supported all these animals so I asked her how this lifestyle affects her financially. She responded, “All of the food, supplies, and veterinarian bills really add up, but it is definitely worth it. I am not going to let my animals starve! If it made a difference in whether or not my children had what they needed of course I would have to cut back on the spending, but if I have the money I will spend it on supplies for my animals. ” I have always wanted to know what was the real reason for what she does.

The answer she gave me was, “Ever since I was a little girl, I have been in love with animals. As many others in the world would probably agree with , I feel as though animals are very human sometimes. I basically just enjoy taking care of them. ” Personally, as someone who hates animals and is terrified of any animal I see, I wondered what she enjoyed so much about the animals. She said, “Really the best part about it is seeing some animals that were so close to death and after being in my care are completely back to normal.

That means a lot. ” Lee has been doing these great deeds for pretty much her whole life. I made sure in our interview to ask her how much longer she planned on doing this. She told me that “I plan on doing it as long as I am alive. As my kid get older it is going to be even easier to handle. ” Everything that we talked about was so positive, so I really wanted to know what her proudest moment was when it came to dealing with the animals. She responded with a story I had never heard before. Since she is so close to he animals and cares so much about them, she actually started crying and got very emotional while telling the story.

“One day I was going outside to get the mail and I came across a cat just lying on the cement sidewalk right by my mailbox. I went to go pet it, thinking it was probably just a neighbor’s cat. Well, to my surprise I picked it up and the bottom of the cat was soaked in blood. Apparently another animal attacked the cat. It did not look good, but I ran to the vet with it. They stitched it up and not only did I receive a lovely bill, but I received my new and improved cat, who I named Lucky.

Yes, I would have to say that is my proudest moment. I think it was meant to be that the cat wound up in front of my house. Not everyone would take it, and care for it so I am very glad I got to. ” All in all, my aunt is very much a normal person. She is not any different than anyone else. She loves what she does and that brings her a lot of joy. She is constantly putting others before herself, and to me that is pretty amazing. With all of the things she has time for, that is the best definition for super hero.

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