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NOP public opinion

IN MEMORY OF A The law needs changing so that I, Euthanasia means a COURAGEOUS & INSPIRING and people like me, can choose good death. WOMAN- DIANE PRETTY” how and when we die and not be forced to endure untold suffering for Sharron certainly didn’t have no reason. ” this and when her little boy is old enough to ask how his mummy How can you deny someone the right to die died what do we tell him? when they have no quality of life and are Another person who suffered was never going to recover? Keeping a Diane Pretty. Do you remember terminally ill person alive and in pain her case?

She had been suffering seems cruel and inhumane to me. from motor neurone disease which After Sharron died I wanted to find out had left her with no quality of life. more, it wasn’t until then that I realised the arguments involved. People against She wrote these words before she died: voluntary euthanasia argue that it is murder as you are killing someone, they “I am only 43 years old. I desperately argue that elderly people may feel a want a doctor to help me to die. burden to their family so opt for voluntary Motor neurone disease has left euthanasia.

They think that my mind as sharp as ever but terminally ill people may not be it has gradually destroyed my in a fit state of mind to make the muscles, making it hard for me decision and that it gives to communicate with my too much power to doctors. family. It has left me in a wheelchair Another argument against it is that the catheterised and fed through a tube. family may not agree with the decision and suffer because of it, it also exposes vulnerable people to pressure to end Families of a terminally ill loved one their lives.

Religious people argue that may disagree with their decision it is playing God (he gave us life, only to opt for voluntary euthanasia he should be able to take it away) but at the end of the day it is the However it is our body we should be individual’s choice and some families able to draw the line and it is not murder are suffering now because their loved if it is at the patient’s request.

Ones are being kept alive in pain when If it was made legal it would not be they just want to end it, at least if it was forced upon anyone, it would just give legalised people would have a choice, people a choice. So for religious wouldn’t you want the choice? people who argue that it is playing Not only have I managed to name a God and is not right they will not have solution to each problem but I can also to have anything to do with it as the name some advantages of voluntary choice is theirs. It should not affect euthanasia; these are further supporting them. its legalisation.

As well as giving people I also understand the argument that the choice to die with a bit of dignity making voluntary euthanasia legal which helps some people to accept death could mean that people could get a little better, it allows hospital resources to away with murder as they be used for those who can actually recover could just say this person rather than terminally ill patients who wanted help to die, wish they could end their life however if only doctors The money could be used for were allowed to carry developing cures to something or for out voluntary euthanasia in a buying new equipment to benefit others.

Hospital this would not be able I don’t understand how a human can be to happen. People who want to kept in agony but if a human allowed a pet be helped to die could maybe take to suffer she or he would be prosecuted, so their case to a specialist judge so we make the decision to put it to sleep, but that it can be analysed and see if with a human not even the person it is a good reason to end their life. themselves can make the decision to end

This way not just anyone can be their suffering. This is ludicrous to me. helped to die, the case needs to It is a decision that cannot directly harm severe, if there was any chance of anyone else so I think it should be up to the complete recovery then their wish individual. may be denied.

These people were asked if they think To prevent mistakes people above the euthanasia should be legalised and age of 18 should state in writing what their reaction is to Diane’s ruling: that if they become terminally ill ‘My dad is currently dying of cancer, they wish or wish not to be helped if he asked me to help him die,to die by a doctor, as then you are in I’d do it regardless of the law because a fit state to make a decision as I love him, and nobody in the world if you are very ill you may is better qualified than him to make an irrational decision know when to end it.

The law is an under the circumstances. ass in Mrs Pretty’s case, and my If there were strict safeguards heart is with her. ‘ then no mistakes could be Matt, Manchester made. ‘I believe that we should all have of prolonging life but if the pain the right to die at a time of our own and suffering are that bad then what choice.

My father committed suicide is the point of prolonging a life of misery when I was 12 because he was and pain when it is going to result so ill. He felt he had no quality in death anyway? of life and that he wanted dignity. I’m 27 now, I miss my Dad immensely. I know that if the time ever comes But I could never condemn him to where I get to a stage where I am live a life of misery and pain in constant pain and suffering I want which I quite clearly recollect. ‘ to be able to have medical help to end my life Wendy, UK with a bit of dignity left or at least have the choice… wouldn’t you?

People may argue that it should not be legalised as it is wasting life or going against the Hippocratic Oath 81% of the public think that a person who is suffering unbearably from a terminal illness should be allowed by law to receive medical help to die, if that is what he or she wants. NOP public opinion poll 28 October 2002 An opinion poll by the Nursing Times found that 60% of nurses believed the law should be reformed. 40% said they had given painkillers to dying patients knowing it would hasten their deaths. A third said they personally wanted to be allowed to help assisted suicides. If you support voluntary euthanasia, a dignified death, then go to my website www. justice. co. uk and register your opinion.

As a country we WILL change the law and get justice for Diane Pretty and bring the pain and suffering of others to an end. VES promotes greater patient choice at the end of life. They campaign for people with terminal illnesses to be allowed to ask for medical help to die at a time of their choosing, within proper legal safeguards. VES receives many calls from people who are very ill and think they may want help to die. If you want any help or information on voluntary euthanasia you can contact VES through their website www. ves. org. uk

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