Non-Verbal Communications Essay

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Non-Verbal Communications

Non-verbal communication can be summed up as speaking without words. It includes body language, posture, gestures, facial expression and eye contact. Furthermore, this style of communication includes physical appearance, for example what you are wearing or the hair style you choose. Even the way in which people speak contains non-verbal cues. These cues include the tone and emotion behind verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is a very important aspect of communicating effectively and is something that we encounter every day in many different contexts. Purpose:

The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate the importance of non-verbal communication. The presentation will explain the role that non-verbal communication plays in every day conversations, group work, and place of employment. It will draw attention to the atmospheres created by this type of communication as well as identify the negative and positive aspects. Scope:

We will begin by defining non-verbal communication and provide a variety of examples of the different aspects of the topic. From there, we will identify the principles of non-verbal communication. These principles explain the effects of what non-verbal communication really is. Next, a description of the different types of non-verbal communication will be presented along with an explanation of their meaning. Furthermore, we will identify how different cultures use non-verbal communication around the world. The conclusion will involve a summary of non-verbal communication, a reinforcement of its importance, and an implication for its future use. Outcome:

The main outcome of our presentation is to educate the audience on how to recognize non-verbal cues from others. If non-verbal cues are recognized it is easier to identify if there is a problem with the communication, understanding of the communication and perhaps more importantly how the other/others feel about the communication. As we learn to recognize these traits in others, it will make it easier for each one of us to identify and correct the behaviours within ourselves. This is perhaps one of the important outcomes we would like to achieve as it will make each of us conscious of our own actions to ensure a positive communication level to everyone both business and personal. It is also important to note that non-verbal communications are both positive and negative, and to know the difference. Along with this idea is also, the importance of know some critically cultural differences that are observed especially in the business world. Roles that Members played:

As a group, we met on two occasions to discuss the project. We divided the different sections of the presentation, individually formulated ideas, and then came together as a group to share ideas. Our decisions were finalized after the group discussion.

During our presentation there will be an opportunity for each member to discuss the topic at hand. To present each topic we will make use of a power point presentation for a visual reinforcement to our statements. During the next week we will be meeting to create our presentation in order for a smooth, confident, and accurate delivery. Method of Delivery:

We have three main areas of discussion: 1) The Introduction of the group and topic as well as identifying the outcome. These areas will be handled by one person. This part of the presentation has to be able to get the audience motivated and engaged for the rest of the presentation. 2) The actual presentation of our topic will be handled by two people. This part will be the focus of the presentation as it will be the information stage. Providing insight and knowledge to the audience. 3) Conclusion of the presentation. This is an integral part of the presentation because it brings not only the presentation together it is generally what the audience will remember the most. Method of handling Q & A:

We are going to ask the audience to hold all questions until the end of the presentation. This will give presenters an opportunity to present all the information to avoid questions that may be answered in the latter of the presentation. We will ensure that a considerable amount of time will be allotted for questions and answers. Upon being asked a question, any group member will be able to answer; however, other group members will be able to respectfully interject to provide additional information

Method of Concluding the Presentation: The conclusion will involve a summary of the presentation as well as suggestions for future implications. Pictures to reinforce the positive and negative non-verbal attitudes will be provided to enhance our presentation. This will be done to encourage interaction between the presenters and the audience. Examples of both positive and negative non-verbal attitudes will be provided. Questions will then be asked of the audience to provide the type of non-verbal communication the visual aid is portraying. Obtaining interaction from the audience will give a good summarization to the presentation.

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