Indian Govt Hospitals: Non-Profit Healthcare Providers

Non Profit Making Organization: GovernmentHospital In India, government hospital give human services free at the purpose of utilization for any Indian native. These are generally individual satisfy financed. In any case, clinics subsidized by the focal (administrative) government likewise exist. State hospital facilities are controlled by the state (nearby) government and might be dispensaries, fringe well being focuses, rustic healing center, locale clinics or restorative school hospital facility. In numerous states the healing center bill is completely financed by the state government with patient not paying anything for treatment.

In any case, different healing facilities will charge ostensible sums for admission to unique rooms and for restorative and careful consumables. The dependability and receptiveness of specialists and staff in private doctor’s facilities have brought about inclination of individuals from the general population to private well being focuses. Anyway state possessed clinics in India are known for high patient load and there are steady cases of occurrence identifying with physical maltreatment on specialists and staff.

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⤠Ownership structure:⤠Objectiveso As a core centre of the government hospitals, helping to provide community based high quality medical care.o Improving the primary care and providing holistic medicine for patients.o Practicing multidisciplinary medical care (advanced emergency care, intensive care, prenatal care and diagnosis and therapy of cancers) by closely collaborating with other professionals in order to eliminate any existing barriers between various medical fields.o Promoting highly-advanced medical treatment (transplantation medicine, functional surgery, tailor-made medicine relying on genetic analyses, etc.).o Promoting medical cooperation between local hospitals.

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Profit making Organization: Ownership structure: Everest proprietorship structures are additionally takes significant significance in corporate administration since they influence the motivating forces of supervisors and too subsequently the productivity of firms. The possession structure is characterized by the conveyance of value as to votes and capital, yet in addition by the personality of the value proprietors.Liability:In Everest macula organization liability is a present obligation of the enterprise arising from past events, of the Everest for the settlement of which is accepted to results in an outflow from the enterprise of resources embodying (present as of character on stage) economic benefits. Liabilities are debts and obligations of the business. Liabilities represent creditors’ claim on interest of ownership of business assets. As this Everest macula organization is started in partnership and it is recently build. As they sheered information that these organizations do not have any sort of liability whatever they have do they made it up by their own hard work. No loans as well as anything had been taken Objectives: Everest mislays main objectives are to satisfy their customers through extremely high quality spices with good taste, and efficient service. Their objective is to complete sale of over 3 cores in every month. They want that their customers should be satisfied with best services and products without chemicals used Legal requirements: Everest mislay is about spices that relates to food. So this organization has taken the food and safety license to move their business of spices. Share capital and source of raising capital: These organizations do not sell their shares. Record keeping: This is one of the main parts of accounting or any organization to keep records of day-to-day activities. Recording keeping is the process of recording transactions and events in an accounting system. As this organization is larger producer of spices and with well-equipped manpower, they keep records of their employees, daily production, daily accounts, etc. Management structure: There management structure of Everest macula as follows: Task 2Take the same organizations as mentioned in task 1 and study as to how organizations meet their Objectives?State the organizational objectives of each of them.(If the objectives is profit making, the strategies for pricing and cost should be considered) This provides evidence for P2. Objective of Government Hospital:‚§ To promote awareness of health care among all sections of the Indian people.To promote awareness among functionaries involved in Health and Hospital Management.‚§ To promote research in the field of Health and Hospital Management in order to improve the efficiency of Health Care delivery Systems.‚§ To promote the development of high quality hospital services and community health care.‚§ To promote a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among health and hospital planners, academicians, administrators, various statutory bodies and the general public for the improvement of Hospital and Health Care delivery Systems.‚§ To develop norms and standards for accreditation of the Health Care Organization and adopt means of evaluation of such institutions, so as to improve the quality of health care in the community.‚§ To provide opportunities for training and research in all aspects of Hospital Services Health Care Delivery System and Health Care Administration.‚§ To update the knowledge and skill of the Health & Hospital Administrators and other personnel involved in the management of health care organization through continuous education and research.‚§ To promote and grant recognition to research in the fields of Health and Hospital Management and to grant awards, scholarship and assistance in other suitable forms to meritorious individuals and institutions.‚§ To act as Advisory /Consultative Body, in the best interest of community and country, to Central and State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Health Care Delivery Organization, Public Health & Health System Development, Teaching and Training Organization and any other Health related allied organization, when need so arises or services are asked for.‚§ To provide Health Care Advocacy for the benefit of health system management and to endeavor to become a national advisory body for union and state governments.‚§ To publish text books and periodic monographs on current and futuristic trends in health and hospital management.‚§ To help in preparation of SOPs, Manuals, Literature and Books on Health Care Management, Quality & Accreditation, Health Care Technology, and Health Care Industry related subjects, Text Books for Health Management Courses for benefit of the Students & Faculty, Hospital and Health Care Organizations and Academic Institutions.‚§ To undertake Professional Consultancy in the field of Health System Management, Quality & Accreditation, Health Technology Assessment, Medical Tourism, Disaster Management, Health Care Delivery Organization, Public Health Facilities & Services for overall improvement of the facilities.‚§ To conduct inter hospital/ Institution awards competition on various parameters to bring competitiveness for improving healthcare quality & training.‚§ To recognize and felicitate the individuals who have made exceptional and significant contributions in the field of Health and Hospital Management in general and to the Academy in particular.

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