Non Objective Art, Impressionism and American Art Essay

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Non Objective Art, Impressionism and American Art


* The art movement that Composition with red, yellow and blue was created in was Surrealism. * After returning to Holland in 1914, Mondrian was fascinated by abstract paintings. * With the war outbreak in Holland, Mondrian was forced to stay in Holland, where in 1916-1917, he helped form the Neo-Plasticism movement. Neo-plasticism impacted and brought out the best in a number of people, where it broke down the forms of nature, reducing the form to a pure, abstract design.


* Mondrian attempted to represent the world through vertical and horizontal lines which to him represented the two opposing forces: the positive and the negative, the masculine and the feminine, the dynamic and the static. * possesses a sense of simplicity whilst simultaneously comprises of complexity


* Mondrian has used oil on canvas as his materials and has created the artwork to a size of 72.7 cm by 69.2 cm. * Composition with red, yellow and blue is currently located at the Tate Gallery. * Mondrian painted for thirty years and never made a curved line.



* Claude Monet worked on WaterlilyPond from 1904 to 1905. * In 1883 Monet moved from the north-west of Paris to Giverny where he lived until his death. Adjacent to his property was a small pond which he acquired in 1893, where he created a water garden with an arched bridge in the Japanese style.


* The meaning of the painting is to inspire nature and give great beauty to whoever views it. * It is one of Monet’s larger paintings, meant to show off the beauty of the scene it captures. * The sunset color reflecting off the water is one of the many aspects of his choice to make the meaning of this painting beauty and inspiration


* Monet’s brush stroke — precise and pristine in the paintings of 1899 — took on an expressive vitality that was unprecedented in any of the earlier works. * In 1900 he exhibited a series of ten canvases of the pond, showing a single subject in differing light conditions.

Cliff Dwellers


* In 1913 George Bellows painted a work titled “Cliff Dwellers.” Bellows was part of the Ash Can School, a group of artists who were influenced by every-day life and often depicted scenes in urban centers. *


* “Cliff Dwellers” is the name Ash Can School painter George Bellowsgave his 1913 depiction of lower Manhattan tenement life. * depicted the “crudity and chaos” of city life in the immigrant neighborhoods. TRIVIA:

* The name of the painting comes from the title of a book about life in the new tall apartment buildings popping up in big cities. * The people were called “Cliff Dwellers” because they lived high up in small, cramped quarters like the ancient Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest.;id=12254;type=101

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