Noblest Roman of All

The noblest Roman of them all, according to Marc Antony, was Brutus “one of the conspirators who stabbed Caesar to death”. The note of regret here is ironic, to say the least, because Antony raised the army which has destroyed Brutus. That’s what brings me to say Marcus Antonius is in fact the actual Noblest Roman of them all.

Brutus and his group of conspirators brutally murdered Caesar, whom Antony was very loyal to. Yet after the conspirators were killed Antony praised Brutus, not curse him as others expected him to.

He believed of all the conspirators, only Brutus thought of the “common good,” and had honest intentions toward the general populace. The rest merely envied Caesar’s greatness; Brutus thought it a real threat to the Republic. He recognized Brutus as an honest man who was blinded by others with bad intentions. And in my opinion it takes a noble man to recognize another noble man.

Marc Antony was not a man of many weaknesses but, if you had to pin one on him, it would have to be that his name wasn’t as prestigious as some of his predecessors.

Marcus Brutus was a very popular man, because, he was basically Caesar’s right hand man. Some would argue that No one would know Caesar better than Brutus, but that didnt stop Antony. Even though he wasnt as popular as Marcus Brutus, he somehow swayed the crowd in his favor.

One of Marc Antony’s greater strengths was his oratory skills.

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He was a great orator and he used that to his advantage. He had a penchant for superlatives. “The noblest Roman of them all” directly echoed “The most unkindest cut of all” . In effect, he paints Brutus, at different times, both as a villain and as a superlative Roman. In both cases, Antony is aware of the rhetorical necessities of the situation.

Marc Antony was the noblest roman of all because he risked his life for an already dead man but he approached the beast without flinching. He put aside his fears to stand up for justice. He even paid his respect to one of the conspirators “Brutus” because even though he commited a heinous crime, Brutus was just confused, and Antony had enough wisdom to realize

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