Nobel Essay Topics

Nobel Peace Prize

What exactly do we mean by world peace? It is a peaceful coexistence of human beings in a harmonious atmosphere overcoming the barriers of region, religion, racial discrimination, poverty, injustice, illiteracy and disparity between the rich and the poor. Over the centuries, we have noticed that these have been the cause of rift throughout the… View Article

The Life and Times of a Nobel Laureate

One of the more important historical figures within the scientific community was what Werner Heisenberg contributed to quantum physics. Born in Germany on December 5, 1901 to Dr. August Heisenberg and Annie Wecklem, the influences were already prominent for Werner to excel in sciences as he father had already excelled in his own dominance of… View Article

To Room Nineteen Crytical Analysis

I plan to argue “To Room Nineteen” by Doris Lessing for an audience of professors interested in the field of psychology and it’s affect on women’s lives, stating that the cause of suicide for Ms. Dubois is not because of the social judgments and perception negatively that impacted Susan’s domestic responsibilities but rather the lack… View Article