No Journey Without Destination

Oftentimes, people put together the courage and strength to create a journey to reach their goals. Said goals may include working hard to achieve gratifying grades in order to get into an exceptional college. Everyone has an intended purpose; to get somewhere in life, often known as a destination. While making the definitive decision of whether the journey or the destination is more meaningful, the destination has more value. This is due to reaching the specific goal thus making the struggle of a journey more relevant.

The key to obtaining an ambition is driven by setting a target in advance. Having the goal of reaching straight A’s at the beginning of the new semester, allows us to work harder. During the course, students will work and put in effort endlessly to receive the satisfaction they are trying to achieve. Unique methods may consist of flashcards, study groups, and online learning to encourage students to carry out their objectives. Striving for the desire to create ‘their’ goal makes the drive significant.

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Predetermined goals, create a distinctive reflection of each individual’s character. Diverse destinations guide them in making choices that lead people to today. Certain goals give an individual direction, keeps them focused and motivated throughout each day. Whether a single person pursues the intended goal of simply losing ten pounds in one month. For them to either better themselves emotionally, spiritually or physically. A single evaluation of a person’s self-esteem will conclude a certain result of the dream they set in place.

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Miniscule achievements, that occur throughout a person’s daily life, motivate them to continue the bumpy journey. Such as, finally being able to go home and jump on the couch with a bag of chips watching your favorite TV show after a gruesome day at school. In that moment in time, there is no better reward than the one you’ve prepared for all day long. Being able to benefit after an atrocious day of school will always be a friendly face. In a way, every day can be an individual’s personal journey, it just depends whether if that person set a destination they want to reach.

Although a journey is a revitalizing experience, a destination is more crucial because it’s what gives meaning to the journey. Without the destination, there is not necessarily a journey, thus insignificant. There is not much fulfillment in the journey because journeys’ are difficult, challenging, and in some cases upsetting. The destination itself is the refreshing form because when someone grasps a hold of the goal they have set for themselves, it is a relief. Overall, destination is more meaningful, whether is it something small like going home after a long day or setting a goal to workout in the new year to lose weight. Some people may disagree, but the destination holds an important value in our lives, that makes an individual content.

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No Journey Without Destination

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