Nixor College: Embracing Holistic Approach to Education

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Nixor college is ranked as one of the best A level college in Pakistan because of its holistic approach to high quality education. Nixor's balanced approach towards its academic and extra-curricular program will give me an opportunity to transform myself and unleash my potential. First off, Nixor's no tuition policy makes it the most distinctive amongst all other A level colleges in Karachi. This policy tells me how Nixor's approach isn't exam-centered but it is to make its students comprehensively understand a particular subject.

This will also enable me to think critically and become more independent.

I feel Nixor is extremely accommodating as it gives a chance to its students to select their teachers. This provides a comfort zone for the students as they get to study with the teachers who they are familiar with. More importantly, a fact that I love about Nixor is that its subject selection is extremely versatile and not narrowed down to specific blocks.

Nixor stands unique amongst other colleges as it offers NP courses which I believe will be extremely beneficial for me as I plan to take Economics and Accounts which I haven't studied in O levels.

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This course will introduce me to the basics of the mentioned subjects and will make me at par with the students who have already taken these subjects in O levels.

In addition to this, the initiative of teaching assistants is extremely helpful as it is not only a great way of gaining knowledge but it also encourages student interaction and build up unity and instill the core values of the Nixor community.

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Nixor offers a dozen of extra-curricular activities which include the student government and its subcommittees, Nixor Corporate, sports and debate. The finance subcommittee of the student government manages financial transactions and risks. Since manipulating with numbers is my strength from a very early age, I have a strong feeling it will be a reciprocal affiliation between myself and Nixor. The honour code subcommittee is a great way to ensure that the Nixor community is following the right path. I will surely contribute to this subcommittee as I myself value integrity the most. I would also love to be a part of the group of concerned citizens as I am approachable therefore my schoolmates can come to me for advice or talk to me about issues relating the student body or even themselves. I can also work on the welfare projects led by GCC, as I love to do charity work and community service.

Nixor is known for its numerous events round the year. I strongly believe that these social events play an important role in developing our personalities and learning about different human behaviors and minds. Coming from The C.A.S School, I am quite familiar with such an environment therefore I see myself actively participating and volunteering in these events as I am a person who enjoys doing a bit of every extra-curricular activity which is why I feel I'm a good fit to the college.

As much as fitting in is a requisite, I'd still cherish my uniqueness and what it has to offer the world!

As Meaghan Jette Martin stated, ''I think the best way to deal with fitting in is to be yourself. It sounds hard, but in the end, it's much easier than pretending to be something you're not."

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