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Nirvana Art Gallery

Categories: Art Gallery

Nirvana Art Gallery Nirvana Art Gallery Case study analysis Case study analysis 1. Executive summary- This case study is all about the different situations Mr rod faces at his work place. The urge to take experience he went for part time job along with his ongoing PhD work. The work area of his interest was being a curator while because of less work he was made to work in another department which was not of his interest and he faces lot many problems over there.

He even used to stay late to complete the assigned work and the colleagues were also not supportive. The main problem was the lack of interest of Mr. Rod for working in researchs department which was further boosted up by Miss Nelly’s interference who was the research manager. The only solution for his problem is to talk with Miss Nelly and request her to undo the changes made in his work schedule or else he should try to create interest in research department as well as it is the only option he is left with.

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. Situation Analysis- Introduction- this case emphasises on the disinterest of Mr. Rod to work in research department. But in spite of showing it he decided to work with full efforts. One of the problem was the unfriendly behaviour of the members of this department. The over sympathy of Miss Nelly was also creating discomfort for Mr. Rod accompanied by mocking expressions of his colleagues. The rearrangement of working schedule further enhanced the problems of Mr.

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Rod which resulted from the refusal of Nelly’s proposal to help her in her work. But still he manages his work and become successful in creating balance between both the works. Objectives- the main objective of Mr. Rod behind working in Nirvana Art Gallery was to take experience of being a curator which will help him in future and also adds to his work experience. But unwillingly he was made to work in research department because of less work in his area of interest. Decision Making- Miss Nelly’s extra concern and sympathy for Mr.

Rod became a problem for him. And the rearrangement of his work schedule was also its consequence which enhanced the problems further. Implementation- Mr. Rod has shown a great interest in working with NAG. In both the departments he tried to give his best. But further troubled by rescheduling of his week’s work arrangement. He can overcome this problem by completely engaging himself in the work assigned to him so that he will not feel boredom in working for research department.

Or if he feels this new schedule totally inconvenient then he can make Nelly aware of his situation and probably she will help him in the matter concerned and finally he would be able to work more in curatorial. Conclusion- the main problem in the case arise because of the extra concern and sympathy of Miss Nelly towards Mr. Rod. The one thing which he could do was going to Nelly and politely telling her about the situation and the surreptitious looks and frowns of other members of research team which was quite embarrassing.

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