Nine-Phase Change Model Process Essay

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Nine-Phase Change Model Process

In undertaking any change project in an organization it is imperative that business executive understand that properly tailored coordinates and strategically sound routes are paramount to the success of the project from its planning phase to its execution phase. Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dean Anderson have formulated the nine-phase change model that when implemented properly is a powerful tool in helping organizations better tailor their change strategic plans to be in line with the organization’s influential areas of change; change needs, employees’ needs, and the desired outcome. The Nine-phase Change Process Model

The Andersons’ model of change is called the nine-phase change process model, this change model is general enough to fit any organizational structure and size and specific enough to organize its nine phases into a logistical flow that makes for better adaptation. The phases of the nine-phase model are 1. preparing to lead the change, 2. creating organizational vision commitment and capacity, 3. assessing the situation to determine design requirement, 4. designing the desired state, 5. analyzing the impact, 6. planning and organizing for implementation of the change, 7. implementing the change, 8. celebrating and integrating the new state, and 9. learning correcting the course. It is non-invasive and since it doesn’t confine the change agent to adhering to stringent restrictions, rather, it provides a workable method for organizations to align their mission of where they currently are to their vision of where they want to be and provide guidance on how to attain those visions with as little resistance as possible, bettering the chance of success.

Personal Change Plan
The Andersons’ nine-phase change process model closely resembles my personal model of change. A general explanation of my change model is that it includes an investigation of an organization’s stated and implied vision, mission, and credo and how their business practices measure up to them. A strategic and rhythmic method properly planned to include thorough research on facets of internal and external environmental changes that may affect the change, an overall risk analysis and contingencies to counter those risks, hierarchical charts of both the project management team and the organization in general; this is an attempt to give everyone a better understanding of where they are in the command chain with the hopes of facilitating orderly communication flow.

My plan would also include a work breakdown structure that will include a budget tailored to different departments. The project plan will be properly communicated to all employees in terms understandable to them; employees will be encouraged to give constant feedback and input on the project. Milestones will be clearly stated and celebrated, standard departmental training will be given prior to and during execution of the project plan. Meetings will be held with departmental heads to track progress of the project and everyone will be kept updated. Documentation of processes and procedures followed during the project will be made and kept for future reference. Research Method

In conducting further research on the change model I intend to use companies like Wachovia and Peace Health that have implemented or is implementing the change model as testimonies to the effectiveness –or lack thereof- of the change model. I will also seek to explore the criticisms of this model and compare and contrast it with my own. My resources will include websites like Linda Ackerman Anderson’s Being First website, EbscoHost, Lexis Nexis, and the course text book “Managing Organizational Change.” This resource pool will provide credible information to conduct a thorough research.

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