Nine Learning Experiences Ages 3-5

To advance physical and intellectual competence I provide numerous activities to enhance these qualities in the children that I teach. In the area of physical, my goal is to make sure the students are given many possibilities to participate in large motor activities daily. I make this fun by joining them while they are playing. I encourage them to do activities that encourage running and jumping. We play tag, hide and seek, and their favorite game “Mr. Fox what time is it”.

When the weather does not permit us to go outside we have free play inside the gymnasium.

We are able to use tricycles, play basketball, and build using pipes and blocks. We also do a unit on how to keep our bodies healthy. This is where we get the parents involved so they can learn what they can do at home with their children. We send home a chart that gives them opportunities to be physically active and they turn this chart in at the end of the unit.

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Then as a class we discuss what we did with our families. To promote intellectual activities I provide numerous materials that they can use and I rotate them occasionally so they are not bored with it.

For example, in our art center the children are exposed to many different types of materials. They have various types of paper and paints as well as recycled material that they can use to sculpt their own art. Our class is also exposed to music of many different cultures.

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We play music throughout the day and one day a week we have a music class outside of our classroom. As a preschool teacher I keep up with what is new and promote these findings during our learning experiences. I provide many avenues for children to find who they are and respect who others are.

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Nine Learning Experiences Ages 3-5

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