Nightmare on Elm Street Essay

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Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street 10 genre is horror he’s centralized looking down not facing the audience or giving eye contact gives a feeling of unease to the PTA as we don’t know who the person or creature is so it causes ambiguity in the audience’s eyes.

Binary oppositions of dark and light so could connote good versus evil it goes darker towards the bottom title is written in red connotes blood the colours of red browns and blacks are typical of the horror genre connotes death, fear, scary he is also holding a sharp knife with the lighting showing the edge of the knife which is used to show it hasn’t been used yet so who is the attackers new victim going to be? The title in red represents the colour of blood and inevitable death some of the letters on nightmare are fogged over meaning its conspicuous and something isn’t right it creates an enigma in the primary target audience’s eyes.

Freddie Kruger is foregrounded in the image so he is more important than the layout of the text the clothes on the killer are worn which would connote he is old and aged the film typography is very similar to the film layout used in devils rejects its contextual with that film The poster ‘welcome to your new nightmare’ it’s directly talking to the audience and emphasizes the word new so the audience would infer what ‘new nightmare am I having nightmares already’?

He is clasping his hands tightly showing that he is ready to kill. The connotations from this poster show deeper meaning. A part used in the mis-en-scene in this poster that shows this is the lighting, the poster is dominated by dim low lighting which gives a dim creepy like feel, also Freddie is bowing his head covering half his face with the his, gives an air of mystery, which may have the audience thinking, ‘what lengths will he go to’?.

There is also a white light that is shining from behind him which represents hope and peace but in this setting could connote that death is near, as it’s said that people near death experience following the white light, with Kruger being in front of the light this could connote that he will be with them in death so that they will never have peace from him.

The Iconic claw is also emphasized by a little lighting giving the effect that it is glistening, which suggests the claw is a sharp clean weapon that is waiting to be used this effect is used to help make the claw a main focus of the poster. Freddie is also clutching his hands which show that he is ready to attack but the mystery is he is only showing one claw, what else does he have as weapons?

The main text used is a type of Serif Fonts this gives the poster and aged feel, although the rest of the poster is quite modern, this may suggest remake of the classic Nightmare on Elm Street. The poster is trying to sell something other than star qualities to get the viewers to watch this film and instead they are enticing peoples natural curiosities which surround horror films, an example being where common in horror films is the main protagonist curiosity leads them into danger when they should of ran.

The tag line on this poster “welcome to your new nightmare” is more of a very brief description of the film and therefore contrasts with other movie posters in the since they don’t use this space to show the viewer of the poster other peoples praise of the film to encourage people to watch this film, the tag line itself suggests this is a film to scare people this is stated in the tag line “nightmare” the colour of the font is a dark grey talking of dreams and using dark colours emphasizes these will be dark dreams which fits with the plot of the film.

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