Night of the Scorpion and Vultures Poem Comparison

In ‘Night of the Scorpion’, the people in the poem are trying to free the mother from evil, and attempt get rid of it by trying all sorts of odd cures. In ‘Vultures’, evil is being spread, by both the Nazi officer and by the vultures, and it seems that no action is being taken to try and stop them. Both ‘Night of the Scorpion’ and ‘Vultures’ can be interpreted in a symbolic way. In ‘Night of the Scorpion’, the mother suffers terribly because of a scorpion and because of the supposed ‘cures’ she is given.

After all the pain that she goes through at the end of the poem she says:

“Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children. ” This shows how much the mother loves her children and can be interpreted as showing how self-sacrificing mothers are; she is willing to go through such a large ordeal, just for her offspring’s sake. There is another display of love as well as this one by the vultures.

Later on we are told about a Nazi commandant who “with fumes of human roast clinging rebelliously to his hairy nostrils” stops on his way home to buy chocolate for “his tender offspring”. The poems also deal with affection.

In ‘Vultures’ we are shown how even evil people are capable of affection, there are two vulture mates “nestled close” in the first part of the poem and in the second part, a Nazi officer is shown buying sweets for his child, and at home is called “Daddy”.

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Both poems although they have similar moods for the most part, end in different ways. Throughout ‘Night of the Scorpion’, there is a quite a dark mood, the speaker feels powerless because he is unable to help his suffering mother, and that he is merely an observer.

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