Nickel And Dimed Essay

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Nickel And Dimed

You must create a dialectical journal with fifteen (15) entries. I want five (5) entries for each section. I expect a thorough analysis of the devices/strategies identified in the text. Points: 90

Part II

Create a monthly budget for a single parent with one child household living in the DMV area making minimum wage. You are to research the necessary information. You must include the current minimum wage, living accommodations, child care, grocery, transportation, and any luxuries (jewelry, dinners at restaurants, a night on the town, etc.). I expect you to find an actual place to live and include their rental rates. If your expenditures exceed your income, you must compute what it would cost for only necessities and calculate the minimum amount of money you must earn to meet those needs. Your research information may be submitted in chart or graph form. You must cite your sources using APA style!! Points: 40

Part III

Choose one of the following prompts to write an effective 2 full page double spaced 12” font AP level essay.

1. In “Evaluation,” the final chapter of Nickel and Dimed, Ehrenreich observes:

Some odd optical property of our highly polarized and unequal society makes the poor almost invisible to their economic superiors. The poor can see the affluent easily enough-on television, for example, or on the covers of magazines. But the affluent rarely see the poor or, if they do catch sight of them in some public space, rarely know what they’re seeing, since-thanks to consignment stores and, yes, Wal-Mart- the poor are usually able to disguise themselves as members of the more comfortable classes.

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