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Nicholas Romanov Essay

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Nicholas II was the last of the Romanov dynasty rule as the Czar of Russia. His rule began on 1st of November and finished on the 15th of 1917. During the time of Nicholas’s reign Russia saw him go from the great and powerful “little father” to a much more dishonorable and weak “bloody Nicholas”. Nicholas II was unsuccessful and the reason behind all of Russia’s many downfalls such as WW1 and the Russo-Japanese war. Bloody Sunday, The October Manifesto and the Russo-Japanese war were all events that support how unsuccessful he was as Czar and prove that he was the worst ruler of his time.

The Russ-Japanese was the beginning of the on going failure of Czar Nicholas II. The war began over both Japan and Russia wanting control over Manchuria, Russia was defeated and shaken. The Czars people began lose their faith as it started the many strikes and demonstrations in St. Petersburg. Starting a war was Nicholas’s plan to divert the attention from the national problems of Russia, however created the original division between the Czar and his people.

The war was fought in the far eastern reaches of Russia and most of the population lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg, so talk of the war created little enthusiasm for people to fell about the war, which Nicholas was hoping for.

Bloody Sunday was an event that brought attitudes and opinions of hate towards Nicholas II and branded him with the new nickname “bloody Nicholas” which also creates a sense of how the working class felt about their Czar. Bloody Sunday was the massacre of innocent peasants holding a peaceful petition led by father Gapon, outside the winter palace and through the streets of Russia. Peasants marched unarmed and carrying religious symbols on flags hoping that their Czar would show compassion and help his people like a Czar should. This was not the case. The Imperial Guard fired 3 shots before shooting into the crowd killing over 200 people and injuring many more. Bloody Sunday provides clear evidence of Czar Nicholas failure and how unsuccessful he was at addressing the problems of Russia.

The October Manifesto was a result of the horrible occurrences of Bloody Sunday in 1905. The October Manifesto was issued by Nicholas II to serve as a response to the Russian Revolution in 1905, but in fact, created an even bigger problem for the Czar to solve. The idea was to create a Duma and grant public liberties such as freedom of speech, assembly and religion. The plan was to bring back the bond between the Czar and his peasants but backfired and led to failure. The duma was unsuccessful as the Czar still had full control and was unwilling to share, which created an even bigger uproar among peasants as it was beneficial for the wealthier individuals of Russia more so than the working class. Nicholas II was now dealing with two gigantic holes in society that couldn’t be fixed, proving how unsuccessful he was as a ruler.

In conclusion, Nicholas II was a highly unsuccessful ruler for the three major events of his reign bringing him failure and eventually leading him to his abdication. Bloody Sunday, the October Manifesto and Russo-Japanese are all stages of the Romanov Dynasty that prove Czar Nicholas was ineffective and distorted ruler, who was unsuccessful in solving the problems of Russia, which led to the downfall of the country and the end of an empire.

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