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In Uruguay, they use their environment very wisely. 59.6% of the environment is occupied by meat and sheep farming. However, this percentage increases to 82.4% when cattle breeding is included. There are 39,120 farms, 85% for agricultural production. As you can tell, Uruguay’s land is taken mostly by farming.

Many negative things have been done to Uruguay’s environment, however. The air and water have become more polluted. The main causes for air pollution are certain Uruguay industries. Another cause is an energy plant in neighboring Brazil.

The main cause of their water pollution is the meat tannery industry.

There are many consequences for this, mostly involving health. Air pollution has been known to cause lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, coronary disease, and more illnesses. Also, drinking polluted water can make you very sick and sometimes causes death. Air and water pollution doesn’t only affect humans, air pollution can create acidic compounds which harm plants. Polluted water can disrupt food chains and get sea life sick from swimming in it.

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Obviously, people/government know this is very bad. The government has tried raising awareness about these problems. Since they have been trying to raise awareness about this, people have started trying to stop it from happening more.

Many jobs have been generated by Uruguay’s environment, such as farming, ranching, and jobs involving agronomics. Agronomics is the science of soil management and production of field crops. Farming and ranching are very popular jobs that are generated by the environment. The majority of Uruguay’s land is dedicated to farming.

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Uruguay is a very interesting country when it comes to human-environment interaction. Lately, natural disasters have been known to hit Uruguay, such as tornadoes, heavy rain, and flooding. Lastly, there has been a recent tornado event in April 2016, which has hit the areas of Colonia and Canelones.

In conclusion, Uruguay is one of the smaller countries which is located next to Argentina on the coast of the South Atlantic. This country is very unique and although with not many tropical plants inhibiting the country, there still remains lots of clean water. Not many places have nice clean water! Humans continue to cut down the forests and destroy animals’ homes, the authorities are trying to contribute to the cause of stopping it and preserving the land. The local people living there usually walk or take the bus to work, unlike our country, we just drive everywhere! If you could travel to Uruguay, where would you visit first?

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