Newton Massacre Speech Essay

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Newton Massacre Speech

Barack Obama speech.

Barack Obama gives this speech in front of his people, the democratic people that support him. He kept this speech in the state of Wisconsin and talks about his campaign and his beliefs how to win the American elections in 2008. As I understood he attacks his opponent, the other candidate of Democratic Party, Mrs Hillary Clinton. Obama starts his speech by citing some great historical speeches, by great men that have done the history of America. He cited the phrases of Martin Luther King: “I have a dream”, Jefferson’s phrase “all men are created equal”, in the Declaration of Independence and other powerful speeches to gives a clear idea that words counts, speeches counts and hope counts. The point is that leaders have a duty to inspire, and that words actually matter. In this great speech he gives a good inspiration to the people who believe to him and who live in America. He’s voice was clear and I think with this speech he gives a ^bad punch^ to Hillary in the elections of Democratic Party.

Obama in the middle of the speech also gives some examples of his family in the past, how he was grown in a poor family. His father left him when he was two years old and only by his mothers love and hope he is now there. So for him hope is everything and no one should underestimate the hope. This is the key point how he wants to beat Hillary, by saying this and gives historical arguments and phrases in his favor. In my opinion it’s a good strategy and I also think is good at all. Everyone has hope and everyone wants his dreams to become true, so with Barack Obama you can do it, this is the message. In the end, he also gives a good convincing speech and we can see in the video that democrats that were there becomes very enthusiastic.

Romney and Perry debate.

This is the debate of the Republican Party with its candidates. Like any other debate to win the nominations, everyone attack the other and wants to highlights his weak points. Thats what Mr Perry do. He attacks Romney by saying: “You stood here in front of the American people and did not tell the truth that you had illegals working on your property. The newspaper came to you, brought it to your attention. And you still, a year later, had those individuals working for you.” This is the accuse that Perry did to Romney. How Romney react? I think great! He is clever, he just smile. He starts to gives explanations to the accuses that Perry made to him. Throughout the exchange, Perry repeatedly got in Romney’s face and interrupted his responses. Romney, in turn, put his hand on Perry’s shoulder and essentially called his behavior not a good one.

Perry also calls him hypocrisies because Romney still lies in front of all Americans. The audience booed there as they yelled to each other. Romney explains that he fired the immigrants when he discovered they were here illegally and calls for E-Verify. In overall, throughout this debate, Romney talks quietly and smiley. I think he beat Perry even thought Perry starts the personal attacks. In the end, Romney also makes jokes with Perry because Perry always interrupt him. Saying: “You have a problem, you don’t let the other speak. If you want to became a president you should learn to listen the others”, everyone in the audience laugh. Very funny, Romney gives advices to his opponent!

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