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Newspaper article

The Pirates put out an amazing playoff season, this year having been the first year in the playoffs since 1992, but on October 9, 2013 they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals ending their amazing playoff season. In their last playoff game in St. Louis the Pirates lost 6-1 to the Cardinals, ending the season. In the second inning the Cardinals scored two runs taking the lead over the pirates. There was no more scoring until the sixth inning when the Cardinals scored yet another run, now having a three point lead over the Pirates.

In the next inning the Pirates scored their first run. And sadly, the Cardinals scored three more runs in the eighth inning ending the game at a score of 6-1. The Pirates played the best they’ve played since 1992, which wasn’t enough this time. There was some amazing plays in the game, but I believe an incredible one was in the fourth inning when Starling Marte covered about twenty feet to catch a fly ball and get the second out with his incredible dive catch.

An articles read about their season said that they played everything right, it was a amazing season but it wasn’t enough this year, they needed a little more. This year the Pirates MVP player is Andrew McCutchen, he put up an OPS+ of 158, and swiped 27 bags this season. The teams LVP was Barmes, who plays shortstop, he hit a measly . 211/. 249/. 309, which is considered quite weak.

The Pirates gameplan for next season is to keep the team mostly intact, and to hopefully make it farther into the playoffs next season. According to Christian Hartman ” The teams MVP should definitely be McCutchen, he hits well, plays amazing center field, and he’s just overall great. He is everything a player should be. ” The Pirates put out an amazing playoff season, this year being their first playoff season since 1992.

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