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NewEgg. com is the fastest computer software and hardware retailer online store. Newegg. com is a leading e-retailer committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web by offering superior shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. NewEgg. com was founded by Fred Chang in 2001 running operation in California. As today NewEgg. com has more than 11 million registered users and has managed to gain their trust as the customer gets excellent service, fast process and delivery.

Newegg. com has implemented a tracking system that allows them to fulfill and process orders, allocate parts needed in a fast and organized way to save time. The system makes an accurate forecast that let them know to refill their inventory and workload as needed. Once the order gets entered the system labels and assigns a tote that moves on a conveyor system to a pick up area where parts get scanned along the tote and order gets filled. By doing so it keeps the inventory controlled and parts bins get refilled as inventory gets low.

The company reduces the operational cost by monitoring orders and work loads, if an area gets busy its easy for the managers to re assign operators to move and reduce the work load in that area. Conveyors not in used the systems stops the automatically to save energy. UPS and FedEx make almost 10 stops a day bringing parts and making pick ups to deliver customers. High percentage of orders gets processed and leaves facilities within the same day and makes it to the customer by the second business days and just about the 10 percentage the customer gets it by the third day.

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