New Zealand’s Largest Ethical Dilemma Essay

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New Zealand’s Largest Ethical Dilemma

Too much fun and not little liability is the focus of the dilemma. New Zealand is the place where forty percent of the tourist go and participate some one of the most courageous and dangerous adventures that exist.

Although danger come with everyday activities and the day to day life, such as driving in bad condition; that is considered to taken our lives into our own hands. When a person travels to an adventure park, and making the decision to make a 134 meter leap off of a bridge, or take a ride in a hot air balloon, maybe a little sky diving, they are assuming that the operators are operating in compliance with all codes, regulations, manual guidelines, and maybe a little common sense and less greed.

You won’t get that with this New Zealand Adventure company whose business has caused the death of fifty individuals in the last eight years as a result of gross negligence. For example, after supervisor has a debate with the owner regarding the weather conditions and the dangers that he fears should the scheduled hot air balloon ride take off holding eleven passengers including the pilot, the owner refuses to stay the scheduled flight and forces the pilot to take off. Part of the reasoning is the thousand’s of dollars that would be loss should the ride not take place. After departing the ground in bad weather, the balloon was thrown into a power line and killed everyone. Another example is the place that had crashed killing all passengers of which the crash was inevitable considering the owner failed to keep in compliance with the flight manual, maintenance, and regulations.

The saddening part is that there are several adventurist companies’ out there that should not be in operation. Yet no matter what the accident it, what injuries sustained including death, the cause of the accident, etc, according to the New Zealand’s “No Fault Accident Liability System”, no company is to be held or found liability for there actions. In lieu of the companies being held liability and accountable for their negligence the New Zealand’s justice systems believes that they have equaled it out by creating the accidental compensation law. This law states that no where or how the accident occurred, or what the injuries are and medical attention required that the victim shall receive full medical treatment at no costs. But that’s it because the law states “cannot sue for negligence or wrongful death”.

There is a serious dilemma here, and that it that the death toll will continue to rise as a result of gross negligence as long the companies are not held accountable for there stupidity. The long time fight for a possible solution and the only solution to bring the focus of these negligent companies to the safety and welfare of their customers is to “overhaul the legal system to count for accountability” and impose sanctions, negligence charges, and hold them to their liability to protect and honor the safety of the customers they serve. Or take the position that after no many reports of negligence that the government regulations state that the business be immediately shut down, sanctions and fine payable to the medical fund to cover the expenses as a result of negligence and that the owner and operator be prohibited from owning, having an interest, or operating in entities that involve high risk adventures.


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