New York Essay Topics

My Favourite Place in the US

The best place in the World is New York. It is a place where you can see magnificent things. It is the biggest city in the world and the capital of world’s economy. There isn’t something you can’t find in NYC. Manhattan is the wealthiest area of the city, actually it is a group of… View Article

Public Housing

Public Housing was a project undergone by the New York administration to ease the burden of accommodation on residents who cannot afford their own houses. The project has a long history that spans several decades. Throughout this period, it has been faced with times of uphill and downhill. The project is currently in a low… View Article

Career Prospects

Pfizer has eight subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates, and has over 120,000 employees worldwide (Pfizer, 2005). There are four main divisions at Pfizer, consisting of Healthcare, Consumer Care, Food Science, and Animal Health. Pfizer manufactures its products in 150 countries. Pfizer has sales offices in every state, and has Corporate Research Center in Groton, CT, Corporate… View Article

Gangs of New York

The movie Gangs of New York is a 2002 film directed by Martin Scorsese which takes place between the year 1846 and the 1860’s. It is loosely based on the 1927 book of the same name by Herbert Ashbury. It is set amongst the turmoil in New York’s notorious Five Points District between the “native… View Article

Party Monster: The Twisted Story of New York’s Club Scene

The mid-1990s was a time of wealth and recreation for the United States, with the combination of economic progress and social liberty producing a new generation of spoiled, unrestrained and often genuinely reckless young ‘celebutantes. ’ As many Americans were making their fortune on the Wall Street or in the Silicon Valley, a counterculture of… View Article

Analysis of Comments on a New York Times Article

The article, “Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage,” which was written by Michael Luo and was published in the New York Times last February 28, 2009, basically told the story of people who used to earn five or six-figure amounts per year, are now being paid hourly minimum wages. One example in the article… View Article

New York as US writ large (or small)?

Is New York City the United States writ (made) small or is the United States NYC writ (made) large? To the world as well as to many Americans, New York has become a symbolic representation of the United States, a microcosm. Great cities often are identified with their respective nations, and some capital cities even… View Article

An Analysis of New York City in Martin Scorsese’s

Among the stellar names in the film directing profession in the world, Martin Scorsese’s is most likely near or at the very top of the list—as bright as the city he has chosen to showcase in most of his career pieces. Using New York City as his backdrop, Scorsese has created landmark films that explore… View Article

Pride and Glory

I came to see the film “Pride and Glory”, a 2008 crime/drama film set in New York. It is directed by Gavin O’Connor and portrayed by Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, Jon Voight, and Noah Emmerich. New York has been portrayed at the present day situation where there is a society and laws evident. In a… View Article

Global Warming

The ability to understand and address effects of global warming forms the basis to sustainability of resources, greater social-economic development, political stability and ecological sanctity in the fast globalizing society. Global warming, unlike it was previously thought, is not a one state issue, but a highly diverse aspect with far reaching implications to all environmental… View Article

New York State standards

It is important for grade 4 pupils to meet the standards for English Language Arts set forth in the New York State standards. It is in the light of this that great attention must be paid to the way English is taught in the grade 4 classroom. When a teacher prepares and delivers his or… View Article

How Women Authors in History Lived

Oppression has never been a word I have thought of when I thinking of the treatment of women. I have recently discovered women authors in history that have lived a double life that only women can. In the 1800s when Constance Fenimore Woolson and Mary E. Wilkings Freeman lived, they fought for equality with their… View Article

The Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance also known as the New Negro Renaissance evolved in the 1920s, in New York City’s locality called Harlem. “The movement started around 1918, as the American civil war had given the African American people their rights and most of the educated African American citizens then moved to places such as New York City… View Article

The Crown Heights Riot

The Crown Heights Riot was a riot that occurred in August, 1991 and lasted for three days. The riots took place in the Crown Heights environs within the New York City Borough of Brooklyn. This city was residence to about 180 000 citizens, comprising of West Indies (0. 5), African-Americans (0. 39) as well as… View Article

Unbelievably True

They say that life is filled with extraordinary ideas. There are certain things that happen in our lives that we find quite confusing. This was the exact feelings that Tasha felt during that one sunny afternoon in New York. Tasha was your typical girl next door. She was a hard working and dedicated student. Her… View Article

The Secular Progressives vs. The Traditionalists

In the New York Times best selling book from Fox News Commentator and mediator for The O’Reilly factor, Bill O’Reilly in his book Culture Warrior, defines and separates the two main competitors for the culture of America: The Secular Progressives vs. The Traditionalists. O’Reilly sees this battle as much more important than the more known… View Article

Canadian forests

Gary Paulson’s Hatchet is set in Hampton, New York, but mainly in the north Canadian forests, in particular a region known as the Canadian Shield. The main characters of the novel are Brian Robeson, the protagonist, a thirteen year old boy; his parents; and two pilots, one of whom flies Brian into north Canada before… View Article

Book Analysis on “New York Burning”

New York Burning is a book written by Jill Lepore narrating a story about parts of history in New York City. The book implies as to how single sort of slavery made such type of liberty in New York during 18th century, as NY was considered a dazzling city as the people will see such… View Article

Bill Belichick’s sanctions are fair

Bill Belichick deserved all the sanctions imposed on him. He has succeeded in bringing to disrepute all the previous success and victories achieved by Patriots. Every of their former accomplishments are now suspected as fraudulent, reduced to ridicule, mockery, and Patriot’s real competence doubtfully dubious. Last year, according to Rich C. (2007)in Green Bay, they… View Article

Traditional American politician

With just under 10 months until the first primary of the 2008 presidential election, the campaign is already getting nasty. On the Republican side of the fence, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guliani, and John McCain may face a challenge from Newt Gingrich before they ever make it to the Republicans. On the Democrat side, whispers abound… View Article

Confessions of a Female Chauvinist Sow

Anne Roiphe’s “Confessions of a Female Chauvinist Sow” first appeared in the magazine New York in 1972. In this essay Roiphe aims to convince her readers that women must put faith in the idea that they are equal to men, not superior. “Women who want equality must be prepared to give it and believe in… View Article

Harper Collins publishers

Ursula Riggs is the character with which I feel myself identified with. Ursula is the girl who projects a very stiff exterior but is very sensitive from within. She is the kind of the girl who went to school just for the sake of studies and don’t like to waste her time doing dating or… View Article

South Fork Dam

McCullough, David. The Johnstown Flood. New York: Simon and Schuster Inc. , 2007 About the Author: David McCullough, author of numerous books including The Great Bridge, The Path between the Seas, Mornings on Horseback, Brave Companions, John Adams, 1776 and Truman, was a twice recipient of the National Book Award and two times winner of… View Article

Big Apple Moments

Description John Marshall’s Big Apple Moments is reflective of Marshall’s ability to capture a busy New York City. There are various travel cards in the foreground as a narrow alley bears off to the right and a busy street to the left. There are skyscrapers depicted on both sides of the painting. A little off… View Article

Hairy Ape Character Analysis

Style “The Hairy Ape” was done in the expressionist style of theater. Expressionism is the theatrical technique which will use the staging and setting to show the characters inner emotion or the keep the theme constantly within the audience’s sight. In Expressionism, characters do not act or talk the way they really would, everything is… View Article

New York: City Information

It is located on the Atlantic Coast on the United States of America. It was first settled in 1625, known as New Amsterdam by the Dutch. It is known as the city that never sleeps. New York City is probably one of the most interesting cities in the world. It has something to offer to… View Article

My hobby which is driving

Do you ever get that urge to just run away? Or like you are about to explode with anger for no reason? Ever feel like you are so swamped with work from school that you want to quit college, just for a minute? These are all urges induced by stress. We all find ways to… View Article

Traffic Congestion in Big Cities

Traffic congestion is one of the main problems in big cities like London, New York, Copenhagen, and Delhi. The primary causes of it are high population and movement of people. With progress in engineering, humanity invents many initiatives to solve this problem. One of the that is public transport area, particularly Metro. The Metro is… View Article

Food assignment SC300

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? There are so many different and yummy foods out there for us to enjoy, but it is also good for us to know where they come from. There are many things to consider when choosing the food you consume; economical and agricultural research, animal health, water… View Article

Coach Handbag analysis

Company overview Designing and marketing of accessories and gift products for women and men. The company primarily operates in the US and Japan. It is headquartered in New York City, New York and employed 18,000 people as of June 30, 2012. 36% market share as accordance of Marketline In just two years (2003–2005), Coach’s market… View Article