New Testament Essay Topics

The New Testament

The Book of Matthew is the first book of the New Testament, traditionally attributed to Saint Matthew. The purpose of the book was to show that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, or deliverer, but that his ministry was spiritual and not political. Most Biblical scholars believe that Matthew was derived from the Gospel of Mark… View Article

New Testament

For all readers of the New Testament, the theme of the redemption of man through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is fascinating reading; in the case of the believer in the word of God, it is something else entirely. Believers and scholars alike agree that Paul’s letters to the Romans embody the theme… View Article

Poems: Poetry and Film Karate Kid

Good morning teachers and students, our understanding of Hamlet takes many turns and the most important of these is in act 3 scene II. As a pivotal scene in William Shakespeare’s play, audiences gain an understanding of the characters and their actions leading up to this point. Many of the themes in the play come… View Article

New Testament

The book of Romans has been hailed by many as one of the most important books of the New Testament. The reason is obvious: aside from the fact that theologians and famous reformers constantly refer to it as one major source of fundamental theological truths, it is a great thesis of the Apostle Paul on… View Article