New System Proposal Essay

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New System Proposal

Business requirements are the key of what drives the project. According to Stroud (2010), “Business requirements are the critical activities of an enterprise that must be performed to meet the organizational objective(s) while remaining solution independent.” The requirements will provide a foundation that will align all parties to make note of what is allowed and what is not allowed. The requirements become the baseline when looking at things like the cost and the risks associated with a solution. If all requirements align to a particular goal and approved, then the requirements can then take the next step of becoming a project. Let us look at an example of a business requirement that could become a project. Suppose a global business has recently expanded its manufacturing locations into a new country, Czech Republic, which will add about 100 local employees.

These 100 employees need to access the company’s global systems, which the employees can only read and understand the Czech language. The requirements should be developed by first looking at how big a problem it would be if no changes were to happen and could the employees be able to perform their job responsibilities. These tasks are defining and understanding the problem. Next would be to find possible solutions to the problem, so maybe employees need access to three different systems. The question will be whether the one system should get updated with the appropriate language, or if not available, a person with English and Czech language knowledge can assist users.

Many variations of solutions can be available, so it also requires knowing the cost and maintenance of the solution in order to know if the project should get created. As I have outlined above some steps that can potentially create a project. If there are multiple systems will be required to add the Czech language, a project would be created to manage the process and follow it through to completion. The project would require a core team made up of a project manager, subject matter experts for each system, stakeholders, process owners, and business partners. The business requirements will provide everyone on the team the information to complete the project and have a sign off from all parties documented (Stroud, 2010).

Stroud, J. (2010, February 26). Business requirements documents: A high-level review. Retrieved from

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