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New Product People Essay

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In Pizza Hut the production team is called the “New Product People”. Their role is to develop new products; they have to make sure that the resources are available to put the product into production. They make sure the pans are the right metal to withstand the heat of the oven etc and that it is available for the pans to be made out of it for the product to be produced. This is sometimes referred to as “operations management”.

This helps the business to run smoothly because it organises the resources so that the customers can get the best value and quality. If the right resources are not available the product will to be to the customer’s satisfaction and therefore quality would no longer be assured or controlled. Then the sales figure would not increase as people would stop going to that business because quality can not be assured and the business would lose profits.


The finance department is responsible for the accounts of the business. There must be a detailed record of all money paid in and taken out of the account. They take in all the account information from all the different Pizza Hut restaurants and correlate them to produce a final balance sheet, sources of use funds, profit and loss account and other financial records at regular intervals. They organise and send pay rolls to each restaurant organise marketing invoices. The look at the information they have correlated and set targets and plans for profit and sales, amount of hours all the workers do (hours of pay),sort out all the deals that are going on with investors.

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If this functional areas was not functioning any more then all the restaurants would not know whether they were making a profit or a loss. They would not be able to get the targets and objective sales figures. They wouldn’t know if they had to improve dramatically or that they were doing fine. The staff would not get the pay slips and if the restaurants did them there selves they are likely to be wrong or missed people out or not get done in time at all so the culture of the business would change to a bag culture which would reflect to the customers and sales figure would drop.

Human Resources

They deal with the people element of the business. They deal with the recruitment of the staff and the training of the staff; organize the pensions and benefits for the staff. Sort out the long service awards for the members of staff that have stayed with the company for a number of years, they organize conference and give advise on complaints and compliments and discipline to the managers of the restaurants. Human resources is very much about the culture of the business because they are the people that look after the staff and assure they are happy and that the get looked after now, and in the future so the employee is happier and will work more efficiently and be thinking more about the customers needs rather than there own.


The marketing department is responsible for advertising on TV, radio, newspaper etc. They organise the d�cor and art work for the restaurants. The department is basically responsible for getting the Company to provide what the consumer wants. They carry out some market research, more to do with what the consumer wants rather than what the consumer thinks about existing products. They work very closely with the production team.

Pizza Hut is a very good brand name nut at first and on going it needs to remind people that they should go to Pizza Hut because of how much better it is that its rivals. A large percentage of Pizza Hut’s customers that visit will have seen it on T.V. or heard it on the radio, seen it in the news paper etc so with out the advertising of Pizza Hut a large percentage of sales would drop. Administration Administration is quite a small department. They deal with the mail the Company receives and sends it to the right department.

They also deal with internal mail and send it to each restaurant. Although the Administration department is only small Pizza Hut could still not function efficiently without it. Department like research and development and finance need to get there information to every restaurant and because they have not got a brilliant ICT network if the administration department did not sort out all the mail then the operation of the other departments would be useless. They also deal with all the promotional mail i.e. stickers to advertise in the windows of the restaurants, the sending of new menus, the receiving and sending of orders for each restaurant. Without the administration department none of these things would get sent to the right the right restaurant or mail to the other correct departments for them to operate.

Research and Development This is really to further the Company’s business aims by creating new and better products, improving operational processes and developing new ones. At Pizza Hut research and development is run by the production team. Businesses have different management styles and cultures. Different organisations work towards different objectives. They all have different style of running their businesses and different cultures within the business.

There are four different management styles that businesses can adopt. Autocratic Democratic onsultative Laissez-Faire A management style is a person’s own style he or she shows in the management role of a business. Each manager will like to run things in a different way to suit themselves. Autocratic Autocratic management style is one where the manager is most likely to be giving out instructions and telling people what to do rather than asking them for their opinions. The manager will be the only person making the decision process. Managers with this style will be use to having power and might not understand how the process of empowerment would work.

Democratic Democratic management style involves empowerment. Individuals and teams are given responsibilities to make decisions and be held responsible for them. This type of manager will be comfortable with letting others make decisions and have more responsibility. The manager will have a good understanding of the decisions that will be made and have to have feedback for what is happening. They will have to be confident with the empowered teams and individuals and their decisions made.

Consultative Consultative managers will ask other people before making any decisions. The type of manager that wants more opinions than just his or hers. This type of manager will have to have good listening skills and be able to consult other people in the correct manner. In this type of style there will be newsletters and team briefings etc, so the manager gets a feel of the concerns of other decision makers involved as well as to develop staff skills which is one of the objective that they might have.

Laissez-faire This type of manager tends to let others make their own decisions and only make a few decisions. This type of manager will let people under them make a lot of there own decisions. Thos allows the worker to be very creative although it can lead to people having the feeling that no one knows really what is going on. The English for laissez faire is let it be hence the management style described. This type of business will have very general guidelines and targets and will just let subordinates achieve their targets in their own ways. Conflicts can arise easily as subordinates are not always aware of what they should be or should not be doing.

Pizza Hut is a democratic management style. Pizza Hut tries to treat people as individuals and to be fair to every employee. They like people to want to work and do their job making their own decision as they arise as long as they are not to big a decision. They try to make the atmosphere as pleasant as possible for the employees to work in.

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