New Orleans Essay Topics

Major Sources of Influence in the Rebuilding of New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster that caused major damage to New Orleans. The Hurricane destroyed the city. “The storm also exposed historic tensions of race and class, and it produced deep mistrust of public officials and institutions” (Lukensmeyer, 2007). The whole city was flooded. The policy makers already had their minds made up on… View Article

New Orleans Before and After Hurricane Katrina

The year 2005 Hurricane Katrina season was one of the fiercest in the United States. Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on 23 rd August and crossed over to the Southern Florida as a moderate hurricane resulting in deaths and floods. Later, the storm spread rapidly in Mexico Gulf and weakened before making a second… View Article

New Orleans: Developing a Sense of Place

When one hears a great speaker talk about a cause that they personally believe in, a feeling emanates from within. One can feel affinity to the speaker and gets infected with the same intensity of feeling that the speaker feels for his cause. In the visual perspective, when one sees the news and it features… View Article

The Disaster at New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is one of the most culturally diverse urban centers in North America. It was founded in southeastern Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi River some 180 km away from the Gulf of Mexico. It was built in 1718 on the east bank of the river and south of Lake… View Article