New Jersey Institute of Technology Essay

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New Jersey Institute of Technology

In this 21st century world, the intellectual society plays an important role for communicating and sharing the information. The power of society helps us to collect data which acts as a bridge to our success and advancement in this world. The generosity of teachers, classmates and friends gave me an insight of NJIT. My passion to pursue my dreams forced me to apply for the NJIT. Ever since my childhood years, my interest in computer systems and business both had put me in a dilemma. With the help of my research, I came forward to NJIT which offers degree in computing and business.

My passion would be illuminated with the admission in NJIT. The art learning environment at NJIT is a perfect place which can give me the most comprehensive learning experience possible. The diversified climate will help me communicate and indulge in activities of different culture and ethnicity and travel around the globe with ease and knowledge of different countries. Coming from a middle class family it is very essential for the transportation to be less expensive and comfortable. It is another key point which brought me here to apply for the NJIT.

The teachings of the brilliant professors of the NJIT and the advanced technology will provide me a great learning experience and expand my intelligence and ideas about this 21st century world. Admission to the NJIT will be one step further towards the path of my dream. The future is controlled by the step taken by an individual in the present. The information provided to me by the teachers, friends, internet and adding me to the list of the students of NJIT will enrich my experience that will help me to grow into well rounded and a successful person.

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