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New Jerse Essay

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‘Now this is a story all about me, when my life got twist turn upside down, if you like to take a minute just reading right here, I’ll write you how I became a prince of a town called New Jersey’ could you find a word that rhymes with New Jersey?

‘In East London I’m born and raised on a playground is where I’ve spent the most of my days chilling out, relaxing all cool and all kicking some football outside of school when a couple of guys, they were up to no good started making trouble in my neighbourhood I got in one little fight and my mum got scared and said “you’re moving with your aunt and uncle in New Jersey here, have this Hershey’ that kind of rhymes. If you didn’t know Hershey is a chocolate bar that is sold in America.

Although I would like to think that I was the fresh prince, my story didn’t exactly start out like that. Instead of my parents sending me to my relatives because of academic problems, I went because I have been nagging them for a really long time. I’m not saying that my academic level was reaching its fullest potential before I went, but the main reason I went was to have a taste of things to come. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to live in one of those semi-detached American houses with the large front garden, golden retriever, two kids and a large garage.

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When most people watch American films they are focused on the storyline, but when I watch them not only am I watching the story, but also at the back of my mind I am constantly absorbing the American background. Finally in the summer of 2000 July 3rd, I got the chance to have a taste of my dream. Even though it was just a small taste, it was enough to last me however long it will take to finally move there. When my parents did decide that it was o. k. to send me there, it was there idea of making me have a taste of the ‘real world’.

There idea of a taste of the ‘real world’ was my idea of a taste of a dream. At the time I had just finished my GCSE’s, and my grades were not that great. My parents had planned that America would change my course; I guess it did in the end but my biggest change was with my personality. When I did return I felt more confident, independent, funny and larger (thanks to those large American portions of food). Everything leading up to the day I left flew by and before I knew it I was in the airport sitting at the waiting room with my dad.

I remember my dad being really calm and cool about everything, he never really got sad in front of me especially with good-by’s. He told me stories about when he went to New York for the first time: ‘Now this is a story all about your dad, back in the day I also was bad, Your old man also had the American dream, thinking that it would be so cool and supreme, I stayed there for a while to learn the truth, that America was best lived in the movies, ‘what a poof! ‘ I never knew my dad could rap, looks as though he has a problem with finishing it as well.

To sum up my dads rap; he also had the American dream being brought up on James Dean movies. Throughout his teenage years he had dreamt up an image of what America would be like, unfortunately when he stayed there, it did not match his dream. That is how my dad tells the story, but I think there’s something he is not telling me. I also believe that my parents don’t want me to live far away from them because they regret moving far away from their parents when they were younger. On the plane, I sat next to an empty seat, which wasn’t bad as I wasn’t really good with the airplane conversations.

I travelled on Virgin Atlantic and the in-flight entertainment was great, they had a video screen in front of each seat with which I could play games, watch films and programmes. Anyway back onto America, I remember as we approached the New York coast I heard a passenger in the seat in front of me, “look there’s the statue of liberty” I looked to my right out of the window and saw her. She was a bit smaller then I had imagined (in Ghostbusters 2 she was huge! ), and she was green. I never actually realised that she was green before; I always thought she was grey.

I wasn’t disappointed though; looking at the New York skyline for the first time was great. However I still felt as though I was in England, maybe it would change when we land. After I collected my luggage, I went through the inspection terminal where policemen checked your passports. I found this strange but the strangest was to come, when I reached the gate where my aunt would be waiting for me. Oh yeah if I didn’t mention it before, I would be staying with my auntie there, like my parents were really going to let me stay there by myself.

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