New Hires Essay

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New Hires


Carl Robins, who is a new recruiter for ABC Inc., hired 15 new trainees with the intention to have them start on June 15th. As the start date gets closer, Carl discovers that all the trainees are not prepared to start their employment. Most of them do not have all the paperwork required for employment and none of them have visited the clinic for their mandatory drug screening. Carl needs to contact the new recruits immediately so they can complete all the prerequisites for employment. Also, Carl needs to get in contact with someone for more training on the applicant hire and training process.


Carl Robins is a new employee with ABC Inc. He has only been with the company for six months and has just experienced his first hiring process. Carl hired 15 new employees thinking they would be able to go through training on June 15th and begin working sometime in July. After Memorial Day, Carl was reviewing all the paperwork for the new hires. He discovered that none of them are ready to start on June 15th. Some of the applicants did not have their applications completely filled out and some of them were missing transcripts, also none of them had their mandatory drug screenings done. Furthermore, all but three of the orientation manuals were missing and he found out that the training room was booked all through June.

Key Problems

Some of the key problems are that the new hires are not prepared for their start date of June 15th. It is the responsibility of the recruiter that the new hires are completely ready for their start date and have everything they need in order to be successful in the company. The recruiter is responsible for the two main problems. The fact that Carl is a new employee himself could rationalize the fact that none of the new hires are ready for their orientation start date.


A recommendation for Carl would be to search around his office for all the missing paperwork as it could have just been misplaced. Also, some of the new hires could have completed the drug screening he just hasn’t seen the results of them yet. However, he should only spend a few hours looking for the missing paperwork as time is running short. Another solution would be for Carl to set back the start date for the new employees since the training room is booked for the whole month of June. This alternative is not recommended however because it will set back the new hires a month; as they will not be able to start until August. Also, Monica is counting on the new employees starting in July. This solution would also be harmful because Carl is still new to the company and having to push the start date back a month because of a few mistakes he made would not look good in management’s eyes. Carl should also remind the new employees of the company’s drug policy and that if any of them were to fail the drug screening their employment would be terminated immediately.

Carl could also push back the start date from June to July to give himself more time to prepare the paperwork, also the training room is booked for the entire month of June. He has the option to get in contact with all the recruits and assure that they get all the missing paperwork in and get to the clinic for their mandatory drug test. Not only do the new recruits need to take a drug test but they also need to pass the drug screening in order to be fully hired into the company.

Also, Carl waiting until the last minute to review their paperwork added fuel to the fire and only made matters worse for everyone. If he reviewed all the applications ahead of time, it would have given him plenty of time to make sure all the paperwork was put together properly and all the testing was done. With this being Carl’s first time doing the recruiting process for this company; he might not be familiar with the rules and hiring process itself. Carl seems to be the root cause of the new hires not being ready for their start date of June 15th.

Proposed Solution

Carl should contact all new hires immediately to make sure that all the requirements for the company are met and that all the new hires are prepared for their start date before it approaches. Monica is really counting on these new recruits beginning their work in July and not just starting their training in July. If the date of orientation had to be pushed back, it would reflect poorly on Carl and he might get in some trouble with management over it.


Apparently Carl was not clear on all the hiring procedures of a recruiter. It is recommended for Carl to get retrained on the hiring and training process of new recruits. Getting retrained will hopefully ensure that this problem never happens again. It is also recommended that Carl talk to Monica about a new place to hold the orientation because the orientation room is already booked. Him and Monica need to sit down a figure out a place to hold the orientation that would be big enough to fit all 15 new hires.


In conclusion, careful research has been done on what alternative methods should be taken to ensure Carl get everything completed and ready for the new hires start date. A lot of thinking has gone into this paper and I have attempted to think of every possible solution to Carl’s predicament. It is apparent that Carl may have had too much to deal with for his first time dealing with the recruiting process to effectively complete his duties as a recruiter for the company. Carl should have had a checklist with his and made himself a timeline for when everything had to be completed.

It was analyzed that Carl could either push back the date of the orientation to July which is not highly recommended and should only be used as a last resort, or Carl should immediately get in contact with the new recruits and help them get all the paperwork they need ready for the start date. If they can’t drop it off at the office Carl should ensure that it either be faxed or mailed to him before the start date of June 15th. If Carl had a checklist and ensured everything was filled out and completed beforehand he could have done his main job which is finding the best employees for the company.

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