New Hire Communication Essay

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New Hire Communication

Welcome to Apple, as a new hire I would like to introduce you to our Company culture and our process. As the new manager at Apple, you’re expected to follow our rules and regulations and train new employees according to the regulations enforced by the company.

Company Culture

At Apple, we are innovative, futuristic, high-tech, and terminated to reach our business goal of $10,000 sales per week. Our high-tech products are unique from cellphones, laptops, watches, and robo-pets. Our company is unique because we allow our employees to be creative and productive, we give them an opportunity to flourish with the company. Company Process Our Company Process to reach our sales goal of $10,000 per week is to have 90% close ratio. We have the most top selling products for the past three quarters, it’s important that we keep our numbers up and ask our customers what they like about our products and what else would other products that they would be interested in purchasing. Once finalizing a sale the customer is to receive a coupon book of various other products that we sell with the company. All sales are documented in our systems and a second receipt is kept within the register.

Company Procedures

Depending on the product the customer purchased, at Apple we show the customer how to use their device and to maintain it for a long life span. For instance, if the customer purchases an Iphone we show them how to operate the device and downloads any apps they may be interested in and show them how to setup their emails, contacts, and etc. We show clients how to search and download apps that help them maintain their lifestyle. We help the client login in to their emails so they have them on hand without the use of a computer.

If the customer had another phone we help them retrieve their contacts without the hassle of reentry. The iphone also comes with Siri who helps the user navigate through the phone or any question the researcher may have. Siri can call your contact, research information, and even offer the client a weather update. As our new manager at Apple, you are expected to follow our procedures and regulations and train all new employees to do the same. Our company is innovative and unique we offer our clients the best products available to them and build client relationships for future business with them.

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