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New Harvest

The four factors of production that New Harvest used to be successful are: advanta 1. Entrepreneurship Kleinfeldt the co-founder love coffee and he observed other coffee companies like Starbucks success to fully understand what to do. He noticed that most coffee cafes and bars where not really about coffee. So he wanted to bring back the original reason coffee cafes and bars where made for. To give the real coffee loves a place to come and enjoy fresh brewed coffee and great tasting coffee. So Kleinfeldt and his partner took the risk to set up the company. 2. Capital

This company uses the media as a tool. Providing their customers with access to blogs and websites that will let the customers give feed back to the company. This also helps the company improve its products to produce excellence coffee. 3. Natural Resources

New Harvest Coffee Roasters started in a drafty shed in an old Washburn Wire factory in Rumford, Rhode Island. The coffee beans are mostly from farms in Costa Rica. Today New Harvest is located in Hope Artiste Village. 4. Human Resources

New Harvest has excellent employees. The employees are highly trained to know their coffee and the origin of the coffee. Customer friendly is the key. New Harvest takes the time to get to know their farmers. By visiting the farm the New Harvest Company has a close relationship with their source.

Critique how environmental sustainability aligns with the social and ethical responsibilities of New Harvest Coffee Roasters and how the company can demonstrate its commitment

After read and doing a little research of my own I think this company has had great success in what they have done. The company started out in a shed but from the social media they were able to grow. This company gives back to the community and continues to use organic fresh coffee they people love. Also with the relationship they have with their customers. By producing great products keeps loyal customers.

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