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Don’t snoop. Not only does going through your roommates’ belongings violate their privacy, but it can also destroy the trust between the two of you if they find out. Have a place to put your own mail, personal photos and other items that you don’t want your roommate going through to avoid conflict over privacy issues. Personal Items

According to Huffington Post, borrowing personal items is a main cause for tension between roommates. Refrain from borrowing anything without your roommates’ permission, and don’t allow your guests to touch or borrow anything of theirs, either.

If you do obtain permission, return the item promptly and in the same condition that you borrowed it. If you break it or damage it, replace it. Noise Levels

Peace and quiet at home is important whether you are a college student or a working professional. It can be difficult to concentrate in an environment that is constantly loud and boisterous. Agree on set “quiet times” in your household and respect them.

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Always respect your roommate. If they aren’t somebody that you already know well, take the time to get acquainted with them. “Your roommate may or may not be your friend,” says Huffington Post, “but he or she will be your business partner. Treat that person with tact and consideration at all times. Finances

As business partners and house mates, it is important to be up-front with your roommate about finances. If something happens and you are unable to make the rent, let them know.

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Your financial health can directly impact their living situation.

Consider having the rent automatically debited from the account to prevent any mishaps and split all bills in half. Work with your roommate to set up a financial plan in advance to avoid problems from occurring that may jeopardize your living situation. Socializing

If you are the type of person to have a lot of company or indulge in social drinking or smoking at home and your roommate is not, this can be a source of contention between the two of you. Discuss this issue in advance. Set some ground rules for social visits, parties and such and follow them.

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