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The entitlement generation has been described by many as being a generation of narcissist who believe that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. I agree with the statement that Parents and Teachers have done young people a disservice by raising them with his entitlement mindset.

In today’s world, hard work is not given that much importance and instead it has been replaced by instant gratification that is people want everything to be done in a very pleasurable way and with no efforts and parents and teachers are responsible for this condition of the young generation.

Firstly, starting from home, when children demand various toys from their parents and the parents buy them for their children easily and the story of entitlement mindset starts from here. When children start getting everything( toys, clothes, chocolates, etc.) by putting no efforts they start thinking that whole world is like their parents and they can get anything they want easily and when they grows younger their demand increases and become expensive day by day.

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Now children have become young people and their demands( phones, laptops, car, expensive dresses) are also bigger and anyhow these demands are also fulfilled by their parents and these young people have a firm thinking that whatever their demands are always fulfilled by their parents. Moving further, when children are in school and their teachers treat them like precious gems and they are served with all stuff they have to learn in their exams and there is less homework on daily basis and in this way they learn that stuff only and give their exams and succeed with very good marks( 80% – 90% or above) and their parents are also happy and give them rewards.

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Now, when these children get younger and are transferred to colleges or universities and there are professors not their teachers who used to fed them with little stuff to get succeed in their exams or finals. Now these children feels burden as they have to do a lot of stuff like assignments, quizzes, midterms and then finals and they also need to da a lot of research work which these children are not in a habit of doing so. And their progress level decreases and they get less marks( 60%) in their finals and they do not tolerate this and get angry because they were not given the whole stuff to study and the efforts were needed to succeed which they didn’t. In this way, parents and teachers do a disservice to young people and make them always spoon-fed children that ruin their future also. Moreover, children expect from professors that they should not impose late penalty on them as stated in the article and their marks shouldn’t be deducted for this because they are in habit of not scolded by parents and teachers at school for not completing their homework sometimes. So, parents and teachers are responsible for this type of young generation who is not ready to any kind of efforts.

It is also stated in the article that many students openly admit their goal is to succeed with the least amount of effort. And many universities make this easy for them. Like if student is not good grades in any subject he/she can drop that course in that semester and can pick it up in next semester and this way it becomes for students and they don’t make efforts to study hard and clear all the subjects. Moving onto next, many students believe that their professors’ expectations are downright unreasonable. “They think their lecture is the only way to get their information. But there are so many new ways to learn,” one University of Alberta student told the CBC. There is lot of research part also to do apart from the lectures.

The researchers found higher levels of both narcissism and entitlement among those of higher income and social class. For example, if a rich person’s or politician’s child does not get seat in designated colleges or universities they buy them for their children and children does not do any efforts to clear the entrance tests and they get their seat in that college served and they get in habit of this thing and regret hard work over spoon-feeding.

Kids are more entitled than ever today, doing less around the home, being padded from failure, and given awards for just showing up. How children think they somehow deserve a free college education (paid for by mom and dad or the State), to get paid $15/hr. to take someone’s food order, and to have the latest gadgets and toys free of limitations and monitoring. When children don’t get what they think they deserve, they cry it’s unfair, unjust, and plain

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