New building – Tools and Wiring Essay

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New building – Tools and Wiring

Now that we understand the codes and standards needed to create this building, it’s time to put stuff in it. Our task at hand is to start wiring the building for a new computer science and electrical engineering labs. This building will have a lot of devices that need to be connected to the school campus network and we will need a lot of tools to do it.

First off I think since our building is going to be connected to a lot of students I believe that our best choice of cabling to connect to the building will be fiber-optics. This way the students and professors can access whatever they need as fast as possible from any location on campus. On the inside to save money I would run cat5e cables to each individual device. Running fiber-optics to each computer in the computer labs would take a lot of work since fiber is so hard to handle. This will allow them to do all kinds of test involving the network while not being too budget heavy.

Depending on how many floors we have in the building we will need at least one telecommunication room. This is where we will house our skeletal frame that holds our servers and networking equipment. We will run the horizontal cables to all of the room wall plates. We will leave the patch cables to the person in charge of the room arrangements. If there are multiple floors in the building we will install backbone cables through the risers so we can have another telecommunication room for the other floors. Depending on where the plenum is for the floor we will run the horizontal cables under the floor or on top of the false ceiling. If the plenum is over the false ceiling we will need to install a ladder rack and cable trays.

We will need a lot of tools to install this network. First off we will need connectors and crimpers so we can connect the cat5 cables to the devices on both sides. Then after we crimp the cables we will have to test the cables with the wire map testers to make sure that all the wires are connected correctly. We will also need a tone and probe so we can figure out where each cable is going, there’s a chance we will forget which cable is which and that is why we will need this.

When the installation is done we will need at least one laptop to connect to the wall jacks so we can test to see if the connection is live in every room the from there we need to find out how many devices will be connected in each room so we can create a rack for them. After the racks are connected to the wall jacks and once they arrange the devices around the room wecan come back and set up the patch cords to the computers and then the building will be completely wired to the school campuses network.

Handout NT1310 Physical Networking Unit 4 Key Concepts: Cabling and Cabling Systems Textbook- Cabling: the complete guide to Copper and Fiber-Optic Networking 4th Edition by Andrew Olivero / Bill Woodward

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