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New and Better Knowledge After a Trip to The Evans Group Essay

Essay Topic:

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A visit to “The Evans Group, a fashion development and production house catering to various designers have changed so much beliefs that I had before. As a Fashion Design student dreaming to have my own fashion production company someday, that trip that we had made me learn many things that as a sophomore student like I do not have enough knowledge of. I used to think that fashion designing is all these efforts I am putting into my studies but I was proven wrong with what I have observed when I have seen the reality at The Evans Group.

All along I have thought that if one is a very good fashion designer, it is all what it takes and it is all what one aspiring designer needs. Again, I was wrong.

            The Evans Group (the Company for brevity) offers services to clients such as design developments, first patterns, samples, duplicates, production patterns, gerber pdm tach packs, yields, grading, marking, hand finishing, small volume production (20-300 pcs/style), trimming, fabric sourcing and wolf dress form rentals.

. The company was named ‘newsmakers of 2007’ and has a new production facility in Los Angeles and a development studio in San Francisco.

            With the many things that we have seen and learned from the Company, I am writing here the top ten that I strongly believe need to be shared and worthy to be taken into consideration by designer students like me.

            First, I have learned that a very good system and organization what makes such a business grow and stay in existence. When I have seen that the company takes care of the specific requests of each designer customer it made me realize that a very meticulous attention should be given to each request. A poorly followed instruction may mean a lost client and a lost income. In the factory, I learned that each company has different policies for their orders. Even it is as unnoticeable as the label and the hemline structure, they are as equally important.

            Second, I used to think that patterns are such an old fashion style when experts are doing the cutting. But NO! Patterns are still very important and they serve a big role in the success of each cut fabric and design.

            Third, Budgeting is very applicable and useful in the factory. A knowledge of fashion designing alone would not make one designer successful outright. A knowledge of little economics, little of budgeting and much of common sense are the very basic ingredients that go with the fashion designing talent. At The Evans Group, if they have a plaid fabric, the staffs match the quality with the budget allowance required. Greater budget allowed means better quality.

            Fourth, technology nowadays are indeed inevitable. I have seen that Tukatech, the company’s computer arm plays a big role in the success of the business. It is a computerized designing arm capable of making the designs.

            Fifth, like any other discipline, the world of fashion have their own set of “jargons”. In the factory, they used the terms such as unit to identify a piece of work. Moreover, I have seen and learned what a fusing machine is.

            Sixth, a knitted fabric shrinks. Tthus, it needs block fusing. Unlike ordinary fabrics that simply needs piece fusing.

            Seventh, I and my group have observed about cross cutting. Cutters cover the roll of fabric with nylon then they place rolled fabric in a machine where a  ruler is attached and they can cut that in sizes like one inch or in any size they want.

Eighth, .management is also important in fashion industry. In The Evans Group, they have various departments like cutting, sewing, printing among others. Only a properly managed company with good department leaders, managers or supervisors can stay long in the business.

Ninth, marking the fabrics for cutting is very important. A marker must not go wrong with this job. He or she must consider the sizes that have been given by designer client: for instance, 2S, 2M, 2L,2XL when that client have specified an amount of fabric to use. Arithmetic and proper geometric talents are needed here.

Lastly, I appreciate the visit to The Evans Group. It made me learn so much. Indeed, learning is not limited inside the four corners of a classroom. The best way to learn is to experience!

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