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Neurological conditions are difficulties of the body systems

Neurological conditions are difficulties of the body systems. in different phrases the Genius cranial nerves peripheral nerves spinal wire nerve roots autonomic concerned system neuromuscular junction and muscle tissue. There are more than 600 diseases of the nervous system e.g. Genius tumors.

Sensory impairment is your senses is no longer normal, it can be a sense of light, smell, hearing, touch, taste and spatial awareness. For example, if you put on grasses you have a sight weakness, if you find it challenging to hear then you have a hearing impairment.

There is additionally a twin sensory impairment which is a combination of two impairments which are hearing and sight.

Poverty is a circumstance at which a person or people lacks the financial sources and wishes for a minimal fashionable of living. In other words, poverty capability that the income measure from employment is low than primary human desires can’t be met, humans and households might live barring acceptable housing, healthful food, clean water, and clinical attention.

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The curriculum itself creates obstacles through being bendy in the fashion and velocity in which teaching, and gaining knowledge of takes place, the way in which the school room is geared up and managed as well as the availability of materials and apparatus as it prevents the desires of the numerous rookies from being met. The way in which assessments are being designed can create a barrier between the beginners who can consider a positive amount of data and the rookies who recognize the content.

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Neurological conditions

Intrinsic barriers which are orders of the brain, spinal cord and nerves throughout the body. It is important for school squad to an individual occupation to have an action idea, this group should have teachers, school nurses, physicians and the community member including the parents who can help when it comes to the health of the learners (Nabors, Little, Akin-Little, & Iobst, 2008). Neurological conditions affect the learner’s learning a lot, a learner with this state often experience fatigue and this extreme tiredness make it hard for the learner to concentrate and interact with others in the classroom. The fatigue caused by these states make it hard for the pupil to focus and may end up sleeping throughout the class and this may result to the learner failing that subject. These effects make it hard to teach, a teacher may not present a lesson while there is a sleeping or an unconscious learner. One of the major effects of these states is when a learner has difficulties with paying attention and completion of tasks or assignments, if a learner cannot concentrate in class, it is hard the teachers find it difficult to conduct the lesson and the learning process is affected. Failure to complete the tasks or assignment makes it hard for the teacher to see how far they have gone and to identify the difficulties in the curriculum. The neurological conditions are sometimes hurtful, this makes it hard for the learner to participate in the lesson resulting from pain he/she may be going through, pain can be direct or indirect consequences of a neurological disorders. These conditions leave learners vulnerable to a wide spread of viruses and inflections, and frequent absenteeism to the hospitalization of the pupil including the change in the cure. The medication may result to slowness and difficulty with concentration in the class and the learner cannot acquire any information, this means that the learner cannot engage in the class and this may cause by the lowering of the energy level of the learner. These conditions can be more susceptible to stress the presence of stress makes it difficult for learner to produce positive results. Learners with neurological conditions must be considered when teachers set assessments, because they have memory difficulties (Wodrich et al.,

2006). This may lead to the illness which could be exacerbated by times of stress and is a major barrier to learner. Some learners may have postural difficulties and mobility with walking, climbing, stairs, or remaining in one positive for long periods of time, this may also lead to the difficulties on the learners to reach the classroom e.g. failure to climb stairs may also lead to the failure to finish the difficult to reach the classroom. Writing and other fine motor activities may also be affected, and this may lead to failure to finish the tasks and assignment e.g. difficulties in the computer use. There conditions may result in the learner having difficulties with oral communication.

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