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NetworkPlus, Inc

Here at NetworkPlus, Inc, we are an above average size network design company. Our company provides various types of services, such as: mergers, designing new networks, updating existing networks, routing design, and most importantly we specialize in our clients. Our network design department consists of professionals that hold CCIE, CCNA and CCNP certifications. Also, while we plan this merger, you will have technicians on call that are highly motivated as well as our customer support, which are very knowledgeable in every aspect of the designs. More importantly, we are here to serve you and your needs throughout this merger process. Your success is our success.

Some of our previous projects include: CISCO network design for Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), designing and configuring VLAN and LAN topologies, designed and implemented a 2.7 million dollar data center, and security design and implementation. These projects are just to name a few amongst the many we have created, implemented and designed. All of our teams, from the architects to the support personnel, have become highly recommended in our area. We can guarantee that our company will provide that excellent care that you and your merger requires.

When two large businesses combine into one company, there are many issues that may arise with the network design. Some of the known issues that can arise are: routing configuration errors, VLAN configuration, security issues and so on. As we look at where we as a company spend in training, we can see that we are able to have a solution for any issue that may arise during the merger. (Please refer to the VISIO document included.) Also, as you can see by the pie chart that we as a company try to divided our per capital evenly so all of our areas are up to par with today’s technology.

The customer and client will be able to see the raw deal value of this overall merger. As a company, we will meet and exceed all of your goals and will make this merger transition streamlined and a smooth outcome for all. We will be ensuring new security features, a more streamlined routing configuration and network administration. The design of the new network will benefit from the new design, from your administrators to the employees. NetworkPlus, INC is the perfect company for you. We all have the right skill set and resources for this merger. Furthermore, we look forward working with you and your merger.

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