Networking in professional life

Networking in expert life


In computing terms, a network is a system of interconnected computer systems that share a characteristic of being autonomous and have the capability to share details through the interconnection peripherals. Additionally, it is a system of connected hardware that are linked by interaction channels and protocols that supply a quick technique of sharing details (Tanenbaum, 2011). On the other hand, Network User interface controller (NIC) is a computer system that produces computer system connections to a specific network.

It is likewise called Network User interface Card or network adapter. On the very same point of view, a bandwidth describes the capability of a computer system network to send out and receive details (data) and is expressed in bits per 2nd (bps).

Network Media Types

In broad spectrum, network media describe the real course through which an electronic signal in a system of a computer or computers travels as it moves from one component in the system to another.

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There are several kinds of Network media such as; twisted pair cable televisions, coaxial cable television, fiber optic cable television in addition to cordless media (Ciccarelli, & & Faulkner, 2006).

A situation of network connection problem

            As I mostly use network connection in most of my computerization endeavors, it comes a time when network connection becomes a major problem. For instance, this problems include; difficulties in connection to home networks, problems in accessing information from other interconnected networks as well as slow network connectivity among many other problems (Chen-guang, 2008). However, through the application of my computer skills, I normally manage to deal with such problems through the employment of troubleshooting mechanisms.

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However the most common problem that had severe impacts on my working is the issue of slow network connection but at the end, I was able to solve it by following several steps as follows; I first identified the active applications, the available users as well as the available conversations to determine where the congestion came from. This was followed by the generation of a purpose built report to determine the applications in use, in order to determine the amount of bandwidth they were consuming. Finally, I was able to set a limit for the applications that were not significant in my place of operation. This eliminated the problem of slow network connection and after all my operations worked to perfection.

How will networking Influence my professional life

            In my future career, networking will be of great importance, as I will use all the learned skills to ensure that information flow is efficient by ensuring the use of the best network type considering speed, reliability, efficiency and cost too. It will be my area of strength.


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Networking in professional life

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