Networking. Essay Topics

Instructional design

1 “Well begun is half done”. So goes a saying. Action plans are like roadmaps for a meaningful journey toward a specific destination. Hence they are essential in any developmental work, including education and training. ADDIE is one of the most widely used action plan models used by instructional designers. It is an acronym for… View Article

Networking Topography

In the world of telecommunication systems various set ups that can optimize the efficiency and productivity of a company’s network and operating system; these setups are called topologies. For the purposes of this discussion, the author will cover the following types of topologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each; these are mesh, bus, ring,… View Article

Peer to Peer Networking

Peer-to-peer networking popularly known as P2P has added a fresh dimension to communication. It is a distributed network architecture that enables participants to share their resources such as disk storage, network bandwidth or processing power amongst themselves. This way of sharing information is yet another modern communication method enabled by the Internet technologies. General Review… View Article

the beginning of computer networking.

Computer networking is the connecting of many computers to share data and resources. The first and earliest development of computer networking was the local area network (LAN), which connected computers but in the same room. It also only allows one user at a time to access any resource on the network. By the late 1980s… View Article