Network Security Threats and Issues:

Network Security is under consistent assault by dangers both inner and outside, running from displeased workers to overall programmers. There's no ideal protection since programmers can sidestep, bargain, or avoid pretty much every shield, countermeasure, and security control. Programmers are always growing new methods of assault, composing new endeavors, and finding new vulnerabilities. Network security is an errand of consistent carefulness, not a task to finish. It's an occupation that is never done.

What motivates hackers to attack computer networks? Why does anyone get involved in an illicit and illegal activity outside the mainstream?
The motives are as many as there are ways to conduct cyber attacks, many do it for the sheer thrill of hacking, for his sport.

Some hackers consider hacking their hobby. Some love a challenge. Some are victims of peer pressure or are looking for social validation. For others, hacking is a journey of status. And finally, many hackers pursue their exploits for power and financial gain.

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Take a look at some of these reasons in more detail to see if you can understand the hacker mindset.


Many criminal hackers are simply there for the money. There are many ways to make money from attacking computer networks. These range from theft of credit cards and financial statements to blackmail and black markets. Some monetary gains are immediate. Hackers may be able to transfer funds from a destination account, for example. Other methods are more involved, such as stealing company documents and selling them to competitors or hijacking data using encryption and keeping it for ransom.

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Hackers can be involved in selling their services, including spam distribution, eavesdropping, password cracking, and DoS event generation.

Demonstrating the ability to compromise a target, especially if the target is reasonably safe, is a way for a hacker to prove that they are more powerful than defenders. If you can control something, you have power over it. If a hacker can control your computer remotely, the hacker has power over your computer and, in some way, it also has power over you. Hackers sometimes affect the ego enhancement. If they can conduct a successful attack, then they are showing domination over their target. For many hackers, it is an exciting challenge to find new vulnerabilities, develop a new attack code, or discover new security breaches. Some hackers attack targets for the same reasons that some people climb mountains - because it's there, because they can, and because they want to beat it. Some hackers are constantly looking for new, more difficult targets to improve their skills and raise the level of the challenge.

Some hackers enjoy the pure risk of attacking a network. As with any crime, the risk of being caught is always a possibility. A destination network could have honeypots, IDSs, IPSs, firewalls, and other technical defenses that the hacker will have to detect and evade. Thus, any attack by a hacker carries the risk of being discovered and processed.

Hackers have peers and social groups like everyone else. Peer pressure can be a powerful motivator to adapt, show, or show loyalty to a group. Peer pressure is often a motivation for those in the lower levels or rankings of hacker communities. New or inexperienced hackers feel encouraged to carry out attacks to maintain their membership in their peer group. Hacking can help the hacker reach or maintain status. Hackers could try to achieve status in the eyes of hackers, in the opinion of other hacker groups or from the perspective of the world at large. Some hackers try to provoke a media story and get their name in the news. Other hacks are performed to instill fear and compliance in current and future goals. Hackers perform hacks for many reasons and this list is probably incomplete. These motivations lead them to do unethical activities. You may or may not fully understand the hacker mindset. But it is important that you try; results, regardless of motivation, can be devastating for companies and individuals.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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