Network Design Plan Review of Related Study Essay

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Network Design Plan Review of Related Study

The literature review is about the study of the network design of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, wherein there are different networks or technologies to be used and the security purposes of the office. This review also includes the possible devices to be used, according to our client it is convenient of any devices the important thing is that traffic within every department and also from the regional offices must be prevented.

There must be a Quality of Service to take place so that connection will be maximized such as there are things like personal emails, data transfer, and company email servers can be delivered as efficient as possible and to prevent delay within every division. As DILG have a 7 year network design but it is not satisfying due to slow connection and old equipment. They have a good service such as primary health care; supervise the administration & governance of the local government, etc. therefore a much broader connection must be achieved to give back also to people the help they deserve.

According to the – Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) network design provides for centralized management and control of the computers in the two stores, so that you can maintain the network from off-site. Compare to their music stores, wherein their stores are in different places, our client also want to have a connection directly from the Central Offices to the Regional Offices through WAN. Use the technology that ? ts “All of these network designs can be used to complement each other in a large network, and can obviously make use of traditional wired networking techniques whenever possible. In our transcript of Interview our client said that they need LAN, WAN, & VPN in their office. Local Area Network (LAN) is used to connect devices within the area, but in our client’s case LAN will be used per department not per floor. It is said to prevent traffic that can cause delay inside the office. Wide Area Network (WAN) network that covers a broad area wherein the client is in capable of tracking or receiving and sending files to the regional offices data.

They said that some of the people in their regional offices tend to send emails but some of it is delayed due to users and also people travel to central offices personally just to send data, such a waste of time. Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a private network across public networks like the Internet. Just like WAN it is a network used to broad area the only difference is that VPN has security purpose. There are two types that VPN can be classified with the site-to-site and the remote-access connectivity.

Site-to-site connectivity is to secure connection within the DILG offices wherein guest in the area is required to ask permission of the security. The DILG office is adequate to imbed the security purposes of the building. Remote-access connectivity is where employees will create or establish to secure the connection. In that case, the head of every department has the right to place security of the connection. The security connection is between every department only therefore there will be a specific or different security per department.

Therefore DILG is using the site-to-site connectivity wherein DILG’s IT Department is the one who will be creating or implementing the security purposes of the whole DILG. As said, there are many types of network or technology that can be used in order for an office will be connected near or far to each other with security or not. Traf? c optimization “Bandwidth is measured as the amount of bits transmitted over a time interval. This means that over time, bandwidth available on any link approaches in? nity. ” “QoS refers to the capability of a network to provide better service. ”

DILG will signi? antly improve response time and maximize available throughput by eliminating unwanted and redundant traf? c from your network. That is why they indicate to have the site-to-site connectivity in order to have unity in securing the whole office. Like in the previous review, only the IT Department is the only one that will be implementing the security. Almost any network can take advantage of QoS for optimum efficiency, whether it is in central offices or even the regional offices. You can specify importance based on criteria such as IP address, MAC address, and even service name.

Importance of a Good Network Design One of the main reasons behind why good network designs are necessary for people who are interested in making a success of their Internet business is because a good network design company specifies, supplies, as well as installs the right network equipment. Any network developed in this way will be based upon the requirements as well as the specifications of that particular customer. An alternative use of a good network design is to make sure that a proper and workable network infrastructure can be made which is going to be high performance and extremely secure.

Many companies get together with the client, so that they can find out what is necessary and then look at the best equipment that is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the company. You might be looking for a straightforward upgrade of an existing network or complete overhaul with a brand new network. The main criteria is that for every single piece of brand new design or even just network upgrades, one needs to have a professional to look at the network structure that is present at the prior to starting any work before making any suggestions about the necessary changes.

After that, they’ll be provided with a quotation about the necessary bracing as well as the deliverables, which are ultimately going to make up the final product. A good network design is going to have services integrated within it as well as a complete identification is made of the design as well as the existing infrastructure. The network design company should inform the client all about an efficient and cost-effective way in which they can get the network design made to suit the requirements of his business.

These design solutions should be quantifiable as well as rubberstamped, so that the implementation as well as the network upgrade can be made to measure. Reference documents should always be at hand while the network planning is done so that testing can be done easily throughout. Technical quotations in a detailed format are also useful in making sure that the client gets exactly what has been discussed and what they have paid for. In fact, the client should be provided with the most detailed information regarding the entire process starting from application profiling, to pricing and documentation.

If you happen to be just starting out in your new Internet business and are looking for a company that can give you a good network design, do remember to ask if the company can supply you with these important services as well as any other requirements that you may have. After the initial talks have been done with the customer service as well as the technical department, a professional consultant needs to be sent down by the company so that the client knows everything about the project cost, resource requirements, as well as the timescale in which the project can be completely efficiently and effectively.

After the project is planned in proper and methodical detail, only then can the implementation work begin. Ideally of course you should be looking for a network design company that is ultimately going to give you competitive pricing, as well as really quick results. Topologies There are different types of topologies such as Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh, Tree, & Hybrid Topology. In our client’s case, they did not specify what kind of topology their design would be, the important thing is that the nodes, links, peripherals and other are arranged properly.

Network topologies define the layout, virtual shape or structure of network, not only physically but also logically. The way in which different systems and nodes are connected and communicate with each other is determined by topology of the network. According to ianswer4u. com there are factors into considering when choosing a network topology a. scale of the project; b. Amount of traffic expected on the network; c. Budget allotted for the network; & d. Required response time.

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