Network Consultant Scenarios Essay

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Network Consultant Scenarios

Complete Case Projects 3-1, 3-2, & 3-3 of Guide to Networking Essentials. After determining if a client-based or client/server model will be used, substantively justify your choice in 200 to 300 words.

Case Project 3-1
The changes in equipment that are required to bring this company’s network up to date to solve the shared bandwidth problem is replacing the hubs with fast ethernet switches and a router. You could make subnets for each department of the company, creating different collision domains which would eliminate dropped packets. The throughput would be increased based upon the upgraded switch/router. Also Setup a file server to store the large files. I would the issue of this problem by using a mesh topology and run over 300Ft of Cat 5 cable to a single point. You could also run the cable through metal conduits along walls or on the floor or you could always implement a wireless system to solve the ceiling issue.

Case Project 3-2
The topology that should be used in this network is an extended star topology because it is a bit more advanced than the regular star topology. Instead of connecting all devices to a central unit, sub-central devices are added in. This allows more functionality for organization. The Extended Star Topology is all but necessary to prevent degraded signals and it is also better for bigger networks. Also the network would be server based because connection will be coming from one central point for all computers allowing for information to be shared between users. There will be as many computers needed for each user of the company, had 250 computers and five servers so I would probably stick with the 250 computers. The easiest device to reconfigure in an extended star topology would be computers because they would be the last to be connected in the topology. The device that offers the best access to the network medium’s bandwidth would be the hubs connected to the central point because it will be the middle man between the computer and central point device.

Case Project 3-3
This network will be server based because since employees need to access company information and it can be confidential the security level on using a server based network will help control the access of files. There would need to be at least 45 computers connected to the network for the 25 users in the front of the factory and 20 for the workstations on each factory floor.

The topology to be used in this case would be physical star topology because all connections will come from one central point, since there are many areas of the factory that will need connection having a central point for connection makes more sense.

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