Net Neutrality Takes Away Our Right on the Internet

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Net neutrality protects our freedom to be able to be connected to any website online and allows you to freely communicate online without restrictions, freedom of speech, and without the need of approval. Net neutrality is the idea that the Internet should be an open platform, and no one or company should be able to interfere with what you do in the internet. Companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T should not be able to block your content as they may block content that threatens their company.

Net neutrality is the belief that all Wi Fi user should be able to have full access to all media on the internet without permission. Imagine not being able to use common social media like Facebook, snapchat, or even Youtube. With Net Neutrality, you will be free to use all these things. If Net neutrality was repealed, it would affect us as the internet users along with many businesses that depend on the internet to function.

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Even Youtubers that pursue their career with Youtube would not be able to function as well.

“(Reddit) ISPs (or internet service providers) doubt that they could have “fast lanes” if net neutrality is repealed. ISP corporations have decided to create a Premium package which is pricey and not something anyone could have. Net neutrality supporters argue that paid internet fast lanes would harm and devastate small companies that rely on the internet to compete and grow While major corporations would still strive on the internet since they could afford the new price and package of the internet.

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“A lack of net neutrality allows ISPs to obstruct or completely truncate that model, by creating a lack of accessibility through paywalls, or using technological means to limit the amount of people able to access information. This problem is compounded by the fact that some of the largest ISPs in the country have financial ties to news outlets of their own, creating even more incentive for untraditional news and information sources to be more difficult to access. The core principles of media literacy are rooted in checking multiple sources that offer nuanced perspectives. However, without net neutrality, access to both of those things would be put in jeopardy.”(Forbes Magazine “What Young People Could Lose without Net Neutrality”)

Alexander said “ISPs charging extra for certain online services isn’t an unrealistic scenario. What if, hypothetically, Amazon launched its own ISP and decided that streaming video at a higher resolution on Twitch can be done for free, but would cost extra on YouTube? For content creators who use both platforms, that means spending more time focusing on Twitch while trying to find a way to keep fans on YouTube happy. That could result in fewer overall viewers and less income for groups like Kinda Funny.”

Sulleyman said, “In Portugal, with no net neutrality, internet providers are starting to split the net into packages. Its mobile packages are split in such a manner that customers need to pay for up to five addons, in order to use a selection of popular apps that many people rely on every day without incurring heavy additional charges. In order to use WhatsApp, MEO customers need to pay €4.99 per month for the Messaging addon. For access to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and Twitter, customers have to pay another €4.99 per month for the Social addon. Access to Spotify costs another €4.99 per month on top of that, access to Gmail and Google Drive costs another €4.99 per month on top of that and access to Netflix and YouTube costs yet another €4.99 per month on top of that.” (“All you need to know about net neutrality now it’s been repealed”)

In the above article mentioned, Sulleyman said “It’s an extraordinary system, which is designed to get people to pay as much as possible in order to use the best online services. Many people fear that AT&T, Comcast and Verizon will do something similar when the net neutrality law is repealed in the US, as is looking extremely likely. Without the rules, internet service providers (ISPs) will be able to exert a huge amount of control over the internet and dictate what you use it for. They’ll no longer have to treat all internet traffic equally, and will be able to prioritise certain websites, services and apps over others.”

“(Sulleyman) They would be able to block content too, and force you to pay extra to access them, which could prove costly if you’re particularly reliant on any services.”

Net neutrality would also greatly impact online gamers since they would not get a stable connection and would have a very poor experience when they play with other players. Online gamers would not be able to have as much fun as they use to and many American online gaming industries would crash. Many gamers like to stream their videos online on sites such as YouTube But they wouldn’t be able to have a smooth gameplay worth streaming and there probably wouldn’t be much viewers anyway, since net neutrality repealment has caused a huge paywall.

Lets use YouTube as an example. If net neutrality was repealed then this would greatly affect YouTube as youtubers need viewers to get paid. Most people in America that use YouTube today would not be able to enjoy YouTube since it would either buffer or they would have to pay more money to enjoy quality YouTube content.

Many people would decide its not worth the cost of watching YouTube or maybe they simply cannot afford it. So with these two problems conjoining the other, YouTube would not strive since youtubers would not get as much viewers.

If net neutrality was established then we as Americans might live under a rock, only seeing what the government allows us to see in the internet.

I think it is wrong because it takes away our freedom on the internet. Service companies would be able to block our websites as they please only to benefit themselves which would not do any good to us or for us at all.

We shouldn’t have to pay more money for content that should already be accessible. The new prices could be like $10.99/month for YouTube or $15.99/month for snapchat when these prices are already ridiculous.

Net neutrality is not right as it takes away our right on the internet.


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