Net Neutrality Should Be Restored

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Net Neutrality is one of the most important things of our society and internet to this day. If you don’t know what Net Neutrality is it’s basically laws for the internet that don’t let it end up like cable and by that I mean you don’t have to pay for 80% of the content. Without Net Neutrality rules you could get charged on website to pay for the “fast lane” and things like that not only that but.

This isn’t the worst though as if your providers really wanted to they could just block you from seeing websites they don’t want you to see. Providers will also be able to slow certain websites if they want which has actually happened before to websites like “Netflix” and “Youtube” there’s actually proof of this happening, once net neutrality rules got in place an app called “Wehee” came into market and they instantly started backing up the law, their app could detect when a provider would slow a certain app on purpose yet boost another one and here’s the information that they collected “On T-Mobile people were getting speeds of 1.

77 megabytes per second on Netflix and YouTube while giving other traffic on the network 6.62 megabytes per second.

With the removal of the net neutrality rules if you were ever thinking of starting a business good luck because you’re going to need a lot of money to do so if net neutrality gets revoked, this is because if the rules get removed they can charge you to make your website faster than others and slow down other websites.

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So unless you’re making a business with a lot of money you’re probably not going to get far unless your website is worth the wait. Your favorite website could soon be changing to keep up the quality, you might have to pay to get in or worse, never see it again.

This law being removed literally makes the statement “free internet” irrelevant. The law being removed will make it harder for parents it will make it harder for new people who want to start a business this will make it harder for everyone even rich people because they’re going to have to pay more and paying more is something that I’m pretty sure no one wants to do. If you didn’t know the act already got revoked a couple months ago if not a year ago but no one really realized as the law is still considered recently revoked so the providers are still hesitant to change anything just yet they’re waiting until the perfect time or they’re probably going to start slowly doing things and let people get used to them, then afterwards they’re going to start messing with the internet and in a way that’s going to ruin businesses.

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