Net Framework Essay

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Net Framework

Net Framework is a Microsoft tool provided to the development world with an objective to facilitate the consistent object oriented programming environment. The . net Framework comes as an integral component of Windows Operating System to create a code execution environment. For this the . NET Framework comes with the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the . NET Framework class library. CLR acts as a standard foundation to build a variety of new applications, where as the . NET Framework class library offers standard implementations new services for CLR-based applications.

Such facility of code execution settings will minimize the Software versioning and software deployment conflicts. The built in . net Framework in Operating system will encourage safe execution of code Microsoft’s design goals in building the . net Framework are – Component Infrastructure Simplified Development, Language Integration, Reliability, Security and Interoperability The advantages with the . Net Framework include – A Development environment which is language Independent and with Multi-Language Support. The partial platform independency of the . net Framework enables it to work on Linux operating system.

The  net Framework supports different types of application development. It even supports the different user accepted tool integration like windows, console, mobile, pocket pc, GPRS, smart client etc. , The major disadvantage is it doesn’t fully support all the operating systems. Unlike Java or JVM, the CLR components, which are essential to run . net application are not readily available. Also the Cost of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with . NET, ASP. NET, and C# is another disadvantage. Though alternative IDEs and Text Editors are available to develop the . net application they experience less efficient productivity.

The multiple Language integrating and support aspect of CLR enable the languages like VB to easily integrate with . net Framework.. Through this a class written in Visual Basic can inherit from a base class written in another language like COBOL or C++, when implemented on . NET. This interoperability is supported by the metadata of the CLR in . net Framework. References: .NET Framework Advantages, Retrieved November 8, 2000, from http://www. startvbdotnet. com/dotnet/frameworkadvantages. aspx .NET Framework (2), Retrieved November 8, 2000, from http://www. developerfusion. com/samplechapter/1678/introducing-net/3/

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