Nespresso Corporate Background Essay

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Nespresso Corporate Background

The Nespresso club members stand as the true representation of our brand. One of the most valuable aspects of the Nespresso brand is the enthusiastic role played by our Club Members worldwide who engage with us and share the pleasure of Nespresso with others. For example, 2011 saw the sixth instalment of our George Clooney Our direct consumer relationships through the Club means that every campaign. In 2004, our Club Members chose George Clooney as day we are in dialogue with tens of thousands of consumers who their Ambassador – and his charm and humour has been central are passionate about coffee and the Nespresso brand. Our focus to the popular campaign. In recent years, this campaign has also on developing and delivering the ultimate coffee experiences to our included online engagement where consumers have been asked, for consumers is underpinned by the interaction and feedback that our example, to guess the ending to the commercial’s story line. This direct relationship with our Club Members communication enhances the consumer already the Nespresso allows.

Thanks to it, we are able to deliver experience and assists in positioning the Facebook community has grown to personalised service through our boutiques, brand as inclusive as well as desirable. over 1.5 million fans our Customer Relationship Centres and the convenience of our website. Already the Nespresso Facebook community has grown over 1.5 million fans. This offers a further opportunity to engage with the brand, make it a part of our Members’ lives and an opportunity to share their delight with others. a brand you join The Nespresso Club has grown organically into a global community of some of the most discerning coffee connoisseurs, and has played a part in evolving the global coffee culture while giving it a local identity.

These Club Members stand as the true representation of our brand and a lifestyle that is selective, yet inviting; accomplished, yet inspiring; simple yet refined. Yet the Nespresso Club does not simply operate like consumer clubs in other industries. We offer advice and help our Members learn about the coffee we offer, which in turn enriches the experience of the coffee Members enjoy. One of the little known facts about Nespresso is that it is a brand our Members seek to join, to make a part of their way of life. The enthusiasm of our fans has created a global community of passionate ambassadors. In fact, Nespresso Club Members are our best advocates. More than 50 % of our new Club Members experience Nespresso for the first time through friends or family – a unique asset for our brand.

Recognised as a leading global brand Over 25 years, Nespresso has grown into one of the most well-recognised brands in the world of coffee, representing a refined mark of passion, authenticity and service the world over. The combination of the brand’s entrepreneurial roots and the modern, forward-looking approach to innovation continue to keep Nespresso relevant in the minds of consumers and allow it to transcend the product category to become a truly global symbol of understated elegance.

The growth of Nespresso as a consumer centric global brand has been recognised by leading experts around the world :Nespresso was included in the Top 100 most Powerful Brands – Ranked, Number 1 in the category. Nespresso was also the first roast-and-ground coffee brand to achieve global status, as ranked by Millward Brown in 2008.  Nespresso was chosen as number one European Trusted Coffee Brand in 2010 by Reader’s Digest in a survey of 16 markets.  The Clooney campaign has enjoyed industry recognition, winning the prestigious EFFIE awards in France and on a European basis.  Awards EFFIE France, 2009 (Grand Prix)  EFFIE France, 2009 (Winner) for Food & Beverage  EURO EFFIES, 2010 (Bronze) For more information on Nespresso, please visit :

the means to engage The global brand community that has developed around Nespresso provides Club Members with a unique opportunity to interact with the brand and fellow coffee connoisseurs and become part of the Nespresso brand’s culture and success. Their involvement with loyalty to the brand truly makes them our best advocates. This two-way process of engagement, between consumer and brand, and between brand and consumer, is a hallmark of a truly successful brand in the 21st century.

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