Neolithic Essay Topics

Neolithic development

Neolithic development is characterized by the first agricultural revolution, when people moved from hunting – gathering to agriculture and settlement. They developed tools for farming, pottery, spinning, and weaving. 2. The Hebrew is chosen by their God to go to the Promised Land. The Hebrew covenant with their god is characterized by the Ten Commandments… View Article

Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Mesolithic Art

The earth and the sky factor into Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Mesolithic art and monuments. Paleolithic means Old Stone Age and the art was mainly consisted of paintings in their caves and Venus figurines. Neolithic means New Stone Age and the art was consisted of the Stonehenge, figures, and pottery. Mesolithic means Middle Stone Age and… View Article

Cultural Evolution of Early Filipinos

Cultural evolution of the early Filipinos Through archaeological records and extensive researches, Historians believed that during the Pleistocene Epoch, the first settlers of the Philippines . Pleistocene Epoch The first settlers of the Philippines came from the present-day islands of the Malay Archipelago when sea levels were lower, creating land bridges to the Southeast Asian… View Article