Neighborhood Public Policy Essay

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Neighborhood Public Policy

Do you think this scenario represents a public safety or public health issue? Public health issues are any action or event that would jeopardize or cause harm to individuals or families in the community. In the Neighborhood scenario regarding the Young’s family, whose son Marcus has just been hit by a car, which occurred due to speeding in the neighborhood would be considered a public health as well as public safety issue. Mrs. Young contacted her congresswoman as well as had petitions signed in order to have speed bumps placed in the neighborhood streets in order to reduce speeding cars, which could harm as well as jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of people, especially children in the neighborhood.

How does this scenario exemplify how legislative process influences public health? I believe that this scenario exemplifies how the legislative process influences public health in many ways. The legislative process determines which type of policies or laws would be in the citizen’s best interest as well as community’s best interest through a majority vote. I believe that the downside of this process is that sometimes the decisions are made from the majority vote, which does not benefit the average citizens, such as concern mothers in the community.

Do you think the Neighborhood council should have acted in a different manner on this issue? I believe that the Neighborhood council should have acted in a different manner regarding this issue because studies have shown that there are many benefits of speed bumps on neighborhood streets such as speed control and reduction in drivers who intend to drive fast, in order to protect the safety of people.

What might Angie Young and proponents of the speed bumps have done differently to receive a more favorable response from the neighborhood council? I believe that Angie Young and Proponents of the speed bumps should have done more research, provide statistics on the benefits of speed bumps in the neighborhood, and provide witnesses as well as statistics on pedestrian fatalities in order to gain a more favorable vote.

What options for political influence might a person pursue in an effort to change public policy health? The options for political influence that I believe a person can pursue in an effort to change public health policy is first becoming knowledgeable on this issue through research and homework. A person can also make an in person visit in order to discuss the issue, attend town hall meetings, write a letter or email to the legislator regarding the issue.

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